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GEOINT App Store Release Notes

---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.69.0 *(September 16, 2021)* ##### Featured * Converted Admin > Categories to vuejs * Converted Admin > AWS Logs to vuejs * Converted Admin > All Logs to vuejs * Converted Admin > Application Maintenance to vuejs * Converted Admin > User Authentication Logs to vuejs * Converted Admin > API Logs to vuejs * Added isQrCode parameter to LicenceAuth API call * Added check for OS support for product updates to OpenApp call * Added Matomo info to OpenApp call * Added record of launch of mobile app based on OpenApp call ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Fixed issue with emails to unverified email addresses * Fixed issues with several Hangfire tasks ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.68.0 *(August 12, 2021)* ##### Featured * Updated Governance Dashboard with dates for approved/disapproved governance, ability to email governance individuals, add draft column, and remove enclave column. * Updated API calls to Jira for Matomo inputs * Added ticket numbers to Support Tickets in Support Management * Added emails to Product Team members when a product has been sitting in Pending status for over a weekly * Added emails to Product Team members when an operational product has not been updated for over six months * Updated how NGA Employees and Contractors are assigned on DMZ servers * Added separate API for mission event messages * Added expiration date in display of Dynamic Content * Added dates to admin product edit page for compensation of products * Added lockout ability for license key authentication * Added MinimumOsVersion and IsOsUnsupported fields to mobile search API * Added expiration warnings and emails for SNS certificates ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Added unredeem API for mobile storefronts * Updated how groups are auto-assigned * Fixed issue with user getting two emails for email verification * Fixed issue with device officers downloading products * Added processing modal for batch processing on Compensated Product Request page * Fixed menu dropdowns on Home page * Fixed warning message when logged out while on Support Management page ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.67.0 *(July 15, 2021)* ##### Featured * Added QR Codes for Device Officers -- modal and email -- on License Management page * Updated logic so that license keys apply to the product family vice individual product * Added tool tips to icons on License Management page * Added Is Operational filter to License Management page * Added ability to set expiration date for Dynamic Content * Added a badge to the Dynamic Content menu item to show Dynamic page message count and expired Dynamic page message count * Added ability to send Matomo info to NGA Jira * Added a new API for GEOINT Search and Retrieval program * Added instructions to the modal used for assigning groups or individuals to a Support Ticket * Added deep link capability for Support Tickets; emails with link will open the ticket modal for the specific ticket when clicked * Updated Support Management emails for users, groups, and assigned individuals * Improved the look and feel of the ticket modal * Updated the Additional column of the Support Management page to only display Atchs/Notes numbers when numbers are greater than zero * Updated the Assigned To column of the Support Management page to show a Group name if only the group is assigned * Added totals to Compensated Product Requests page * Allow all requests to be disapproved on Compensated Product Requests page * Added Is Operational filter to Compensated Product Requests page * Added ability to email Device Officers with notification of product version upgrade ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Fixed issue with exporting Compensated Product Requests page * Fixed issue with zero-compensation apps showing No Active Approval threshold * Fixed end date filter on All Logs page * Added placeholder for AMP 3.5 * Updated the styling for the Support Ticket group/individual assignment modal ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.66.0 *(June 17, 2021)* ##### Featured * Improvements to Support Management page for admins to include: * Added SupportGroups for assigning tickets * Updated modal for assigning ticket supporter to ticket * Updated email send to assigned ticket supporter * Updated the ticket modal with all info in one modal * Added Assigned To filter to Support Management page * Converted ASGB Form to use generic table * Updated ECDS data transfer for deployment code * Updated the Compensation Report * Updated the Device Officer request modal with better warnings and better button colors * Added push of dynamic content to Krypton ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Fixed issue with restarting an ASGB Form * Fixed issue with zero-compensation apps appearing in Product Requests * Fixed metrics page for Desktop products * Fixed filter on Email Notification Log page * Fixed issue with minimum OS version matching * Fixed issue with anonymous user trying to create a new product * Relocated the count information on newer data tables ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.65.2 *(May 21, 2021)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Add dynamic page for administrators. ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.65.1 *(May 18, 2021)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Fixed issue update profile from mobile devices through mobile storefront ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.65.0 *(May 13, 2021)* ##### Featured * Improvements to Support Management page for admins to include: * Fix styling on notes displayed in modal * Fix ability to send notes as emails * Show atch and notes for all tickets * Added Android site links to help with Android navigation * Updated External Connection page logic * Added minimum OS version requirement for new apps * Added minimum OS version to api/details * Added check for minimum OS version required to offer update * Updated profile update from api * Added color to sorting icons for vuejs datatables * Added Initial/Renewal filter to Product Transaction List page ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Fixed issue with Zero Comps showing up in Requests * Fixed issue with multiple electronic ASGB forms * Fixed issue with messages on OpenApp api call ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.64.0 *(April 19, 2021)* ##### Featured * Improvements to Support Management page for admins to include: * All notes in one modal * Date and order attachments * Updated how description is displayed * Added ability for admins to set a user's credential to inactive * Added ability to send Global Messages from authenticated server to unauthenticated server * Added ability to pull support tickets from unauthenticated server to authenticated server * Provide a page for printing the electronic ASGB form or saving to PDF * Show status of Matomo connectors in dropdowns * Added API for mobile app users to subscribe/unsubscribe to/from notifications for different apps ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Fixed GEOAxIS API call included data * Added additional information to API logging * Fixed other minor bugs ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.63.0 *(March 25, 2021)* ##### Featured * Improvements to Support Management page for admins to include: * Badge on admin menu with counts of new and in progress support tickets * Ability to add images to support tickets and for admins to add other types of files * Ability for admins to update the status of support tickets * Added mobile problem reports as support tickets and displayed on Support Management page * Added ability to manage Stale accounts * Added ability to mark accounts inactive when no activity for over 365 days * Force inactive accounts to go through email verification when user logs back in * Add modal to view electronic ASGB submission on Product Details page * Add modal to view electronic ASGB submission on Governance Doc Review page * Update the SNS Topic chooser to be more admin friendly ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Added ability to sync some configuration settings from Xenon to Krypton * Updated AMP ability to update on app * Fixed issue with Zero Compensated apps * Fixed issue with launching websites that allow anonymous access from Krpton * Fixed issue with Report Problem with expired token * Prevent user renewal of Bulk Purchase products * Update storefront download from web to use newer API call * Fix issue with custom error pages ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.62.0 *(February 11, 2021)* ##### Featured * Added issue resolution portal for administrators * Added ability to renew MIPR funded licenses * Added subscription renewal info to IGAPP invoice * Upgraded all mobile APIs to v3 * Add option to products to allow AMP auto update * Send push notifications to owneres of all previous versions of an app when a new version is made operational * Only show appropriate AMP versions for mobile apps ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Remove views/installs from Product Details on the Krypton server * Update app version history to use app operational date * Add spinner to login button when clicked * Other bug fixes and improvements ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.61.0 *(December 21, 2020)* ##### Featured * Added ability for Device Officers and administrators to email license keys to users * Added warnings for missing items for Data Bundles in Admin Product Edit * Added ability to certify the electronic ASGB form by users * Added warning colors to Shopping Cart Management page for expired and soon to be expired subscriptions * Added subscription start and end dates for Shopping Cart Items on Shopping Cart Management page * Changed UX for product Details page for vetting status * Changed UX for Product Edit page for vetting status * Added instructions for products in Pending status to help non-IGAPP users * Fixed ability to show apps on mobile storefront without allowing requesting * Added success column on Mobile Notification History page * Removed Renewal Tier from compensation if subscription length set to lifetime ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Fixed issue with iOS products showing draft status for not-applicable resources * Fixed issue with redirect to page from Krypton when signing in * Removed rules for Mobile Storefront setting vetting status * Fixed issue where Mission Message was displaying in mobile storefront rather than expired message * Added newer AMP versions * Fixed security issues * Fixed other minor bugs ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.60.0 *(November 19, 2020)* ##### Featured * Added Web Metrics app to product types available to users * Added DataBundles to product types available to users * Added filters and sorting to the Shopping Cart Management page * Added two Bulk Purchase reports for admins * Added export capability for the two Bulk Purchase reports for admins * Added page for editing workflow templates for admins * Added modal for admins to set dates for workflow items in progress * Added modal for device officers to view dates set in workflow items * Added ability to purchase DataBundle apps * Added email reminder for shopping cart items that have not moved from Pending status for a period of time * Added system setting for AWS account IDs for SNS, S3, and Glacier * Added new notification api for mobile storefronts to use ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Added logic to prevent renewal of products that are lifetime apps * For admins, removed renewal tier for products marked as lifetime apps * Fixed issue with cart approval of MIPR with License not creating licenses * Fix to allow certificates with Matomo ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.59.0 *(October 22, 2020)* ##### Featured * Added Shopping Cart Management page for administrators and device officers * Replaced "Got Apps?" page with new "Get Involved!" dropdown menu * Added DataBundle product type and ability to link to related products * Added more email notifications for shopping cart events * Improved ability for administrators and device officers to add FS7600A to a device unit * Updated export for Bulk Purchase Request list * Updated notifications to allow deep linking to a specific app * Updated notifications to push notifications to users when an updated app is released * Improved ability for administrators to resend emails * Improved WYSIWYG editors to strip out HTML from pasted content * Added a "Version History" view to app details page to allow users to see the improvements over time * Added ability for administrators to force refresh of the SNS topic list * Added additional performance and security improvements ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Fixed issue with saving installed apps from mobile storefront * Fixed short description layout on mobile device browsers * Fixed other bugs ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.58.0 *(September 24, 2020)* ##### Featured * Added ability to request multiple products in one MIPR Request * Added new Bulk Purchase collection type to Home page * Added ability for administrators to link products for pricing * Added ability for administrators to adjust subscription dates for approved MIPR Requests * Added ability for administrators to unsubscribe users from some or all emails * Updated change password link to redirect to GEOAxIS for DUA accounts * Converted Disclaimer modal to separate page to make viewing the disclaimers easier to read and more mobile friendly ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Fixed issue with merging user accounts * Fixed validation messages on New Application Request page * Other minor fixes ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.57.1 *(August 27, 2020)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Fixed an issue with some table indexes ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.57.0 *(August 20, 2020)* ##### Featured * Added ability for admins to add FS7600A to device units * Added average cost column to Compensation Report * Added filters to Product Ratings admin page * Prepared the store for Bulk Purchase shopping cart * Prepared the store for admin workflows on Bulk Purchase requests ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Added configuration for new DMZ servers * Fixed issue with audit history display * Fixed issue with Device Units not displaying correctly * Fixed issue with Save All button not saving Matomo info * Fixed issues with 508 compliance ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.56.1 *(July 23, 2020)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Fixed issue with filtering by date on admin pages ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.56.0 *(July 16, 2020)* ##### Featured * Added subscription start and end dates to approved MIPR requests * Added warning email to device units of soon to be expiring products * Changed MIPR funded products to use a single tier system * Added a web form to replicate the ASGB Form to assist users in creating the PDF * Added ability to prevent renewal on MIPR products that have no operational products ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Added governance document types (Legal and Testing) * Increased the length of acceptable file names * Added and improved display of the expiration date of the iOS push certificates * Added email to admins when a DO request has been canceled * Added ability to ensure only one version of a product operational at a time * Added AMP v3.3 as an option * Fixed issue with vetting status flipping from Governance Test to IGAPP Test * Ensure any new products or new versions of products use the default Matomo connector * Other minor fixes ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.55.0 *(June 11, 2020)* ##### Featured * Added ability to view historical governance documents for previous versions of apps * Added number of apps in collections to the title bar for each collection on home page * Added short description of product to Product Details page ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Added logic to ensure only operational MIPR products can be renewed * Added logic to ensure users have correct access to product prior to compensation * Added ability for admins to edit MIPR Request POCs on the admin page * Added ability for admins to resend emails generated by the App Store * Added ability to remove and restore images in S3 storage * Added new Approval Threshold Report to help admins * Added ability for admins to add multiple groups, logins, etc. using a single modal * Fixed ability of App Store to auto-detect the type of resource uploaded * Fixed error with anonymous users being able to create new products * Fixed issue with subscriptions not showing the right version of a product loaded on a user's device * Fixed API to prevent devices from being able to transfer an app already existing on the device * Fixed issue with Draft Status * Fixed Swagger validation on APIs * Fixed issue submitting products ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.54.1 *(May 20, 2020)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Fixed ability for IGAPP to set new vetting status * Fixed issue with setting Matomo ID ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.54.0 *(May 14, 2020)* ##### Featured * Updated workflow for upgrading products * Optimized assets to provide better administrative control * Updated MIPR product management to allow for non-license MIPR * Added POC information to MIPR requests for non-Device Officers * Improved user interface for Product Administration * Added telephone number to login user information ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Updated where Matomo Connectors are set * Standardized styling * Added capability for admins to revert status changes * Improved data collected from API transactions * Updated sorting on Compensated Product Requests * Added RequestType to New Application Request export * Fixed currency display on MIPR Request page * Updated License Management page to remove version and improve searching * Updated Device Unit dropdown filters * Improved ability for admins to create Groups * Added text search for long filter dropdowns * Fixed issue with page size * Updated signature * Updated vetting statuse workflow * Fixed issue with MIPR products compensating * Fixed issue with admins and Device Officer being able to download products * Fixed issue with Android devices being able to download iOS storefront and vice versa * Fixed issue to allow changing AMP versions for a product * Fixed issue with some API calls * Fixed other minor bugs ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.53.0 *(March 12, 2020)* ##### Featured * Improved MIPR management ** Send MIPR emails to team inbox ** Add Price Approved highlighting to the MIPR Request page ** Add Price Approved filter to MIPR Request page ** Set Price Approved to false if cost or request quantity changed ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Added filter to Admin User Management to only show logins for default enclave * Updated Device Details modal to use asynchronous loading * Added Message property to GetSubscriptions API call * Fixed issue with SaveInstalledApps API call * Fixed issue with moving and deleting Logins * Fixed issue with trying to send emails to empty addresses * Fixed issue with deleting Groups * Fixed sort order issue with Authentication tab in Admin User Edit * Fixed issue with MIPR product re-requests ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.52.0 *(February 27, 2020)* ##### Featured * Added export feature to Admin New Application Request page * Added ability for Device Officers to request renewal of MIPR products * Added ability to link to the mobile storefront from the web app store ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Removed Agency as user information * Converted all times passed in API calls to zulu * Updated MissionEvent values in the mobile auth call * Changed logic to force user to update to a newer version of an app before renewing their subscription * Added user's credential username to name on Admin Compensated Product Requests page * Added warning to admins on Admin All Products page when a product has no groups assigned * Added ability for admin to remove a user as a product team member from multiple products at one time * Added expiration warning date in OpenApp and RenewApp API calls * Added ability to upload executables into the App Store from the AppCenter site * Updated mobile API return status codes and messages * Added ability for admin to review and approve prices for MIPR Requests * Removed ability for Device Officers to see per unit and total cost prices prior to admin approving the prices * Fixed issue with transfer of subscriptions for a user from one device to another * Fixed issue to allow exports to run without specifying dates * Fixed issue with Product Summary showing pages beyond the first page * Fixed issue with error page * Added sorting to Authentication table on Admin User Edit page * Fixed css issues * Fixed unit tests ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.51.0 *(January 30, 2020)* ##### Featured * Improved Admin New Application Request page * Cleaned up date display on Admin tables * Created new API invocation log table to track api calls separate from All Logs * Add Matomo endpoint to display for Product Team and IGAPP members ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Fixed issue with displaying commercial products from SBU on DMZ * Added login info to OAuth return * Added ability to export bundle identifiers for iOS products * Added email to selected users when a New Application Request is submitted * Updated the Device Officer request form to make it easier to select a unit * Updated the integration column for Admin All Products to be more relevant * Updated Admin User Management to show products for a user where they are Product Team members * Updated how ideas are processed * Updated Product Transaction export to highlight compensation value * Fixed issue with S3 Object admin table * Fixed issue with ZeroComp products being requested * Fixed styling issues * Fixed other minor bugs ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.50.1 *(December 18, 2019)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements * Ensure icons for api/aims/v1/search are pointing to right url ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.50.0 *(December 12, 2019)* ##### Featured * Added Compensation Report to assist admins in monitoring spending * Added new Ideas process * Added new filtering and ability to manage Ideas and requests for existing apps * Added audit log modals for product compensations * Added AntiForgery to all forms * Improved Force Login features * Improved Device Unit Management page to use flattened view vice tree structure ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Improved ability to restrict re-requests for a disapproved product * Improved ability to differentiate approval and disapproval modals * Improved filtering for Product Summary page * Improved filtering for Admin > Metrics ID page * Improved filtering for Admin > Mission Events page * Improved filtering for Admin > Ratings page * Fixed issue with renewing non-operational products * Improved Product Team member search by including usernames * Added vetting status to related products display for admins * Changed how filters are persisted * Added email to users when a review is deleted by admin * Fixed subscription issues for multiple users on single device * Fixed ability for some admin groups to renew an app in a non-operational status * Fixed issue with ZeroComp app being required to request app * Fixed issue with some modals closing during data edit * Fixed other bugs ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.49.0 *(October 24, 2019)* ##### Featured * Added ability to require users to periodically log into mobile apps * Integrated with TF Matomo instance * Added email to user who submits a product giving user information on how to edit product * Added export to Excel for Admin Compensated Product Request History page * Added capability to advise users opening an app that other apps may be useful in their geographic area * Added filters for the Product Summary Dashboard * Added ability to keep users from re-requesting a product for a number of days after rejection * Added ability for users to report problems with an app through the AMP interface ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Added FAQ for API Documentation to help users get started * Adjusted email validation to follow RFC-5322 more closely * Removed older, unused APIs * Added message to users opening apps that have a newer version that a newer version exists and how to get it * Added ability to refresh system settings automatically across multiple servers * Fixed issue with Source Summary Report * Fixed issue updating product vetting status * Fixed issue with Contact page * Fixed issue with warning when Matomo connector is not available * Fixed issue with redeeming license keys * Fixed issue with recognizing iPad with new iPadOS as mobile device * Fixed other minor bugs ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.48.0 *(September 26, 2019)* ##### Featured * Added and updated AIMS-powered apis for external users * Refactored contacts for products * Removed lifetime thresholds and limits for products * Added mission event capability to specify a location associated with mission * Added filtering to the Metrics ID admin page ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Added the display of matching fields when checking the mobile executable instead of just mismatched fields * Removed unnecessary system settings * Fixed how groups can be assigned and removed from products * Added sorting to Excel exports * Added ability for product owners to add release notes to version updates * Cached SNS topics to reduce time waiting on topics dropdown for mobile notifications * Updated auto-generated Matomo script to include User ID * Added ability for mobile users to report problems with their products through AMP * Added ability for admins to prevent users from re-requesting denied product requests for a number of days * Fixed api definitions for Swagger * Fixed issue creating multiple Matomo IDs for the same product * Fixed issue with single product import * Fixed other minor bugs ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.47.2 *(September 5, 2019)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Fixed ability for IGAPP to set AMP version * Fixed when product requests are compensated * Fixed charting errors on Metrics pages ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.47.1 *(August 28, 2019)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Fixed ability to update product vetting status ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.47.0 *(August 22, 2019)* ##### Featured * Added export to Admin Device Officer Email Subscriptions page * Added ability to display the device officers for the device unit on Admin Key Request page * Added AMP version to products, along with filtering by AMP version ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Fixed issue with email subject line not being replaced with correct dynamic content * Fixed issue with user being unable to update system compensation limits * Updated search to cancel old table loading task after a new one is started * Updated search to apply to the request url column as well * Fixed issue with Excel exports handling apostrophes * Fixed issue with subscription not showing an updated version number after users upgrade * Updated API to list the calling device's type of subscription first when getting subscriptions * Changed Apps Management page to not show Renew for MIPR products * Fixed issue with GEOAxIS OAuth failure causing user to get stuck in redirect loop * Fixed issue with renewing a product for one device on another device * Fixed issue with Admin Product Subscriptions page not loading * Fixed issue with being unable to upload files * Updated vendor Matomo instructions for iOS AMP v3.0 * Removed redundant help message for iOS * Added ability to prefix names of sites in Matomo * Updated required fields for product submissions ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.46.1 *(July 25, 2019)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Removed ability for Device Officers to request NGA funded apps ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.46.0 *(July 18, 2019)* ##### Featured * Added more robust filtering on Admin pages * Added export to two Admin pages ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Added loading indicator to Admin lock user capability * Added link to Governance document files on New Product edit page * Updated api showing subscriptions for a user * Added fields to getSubscription api for renewing and transferring * Fixed message for GEOAxIS auth failure * Removed Missions as a product team editable field -- being transformed * Fixed issue with export of Login data * Fixed issue with refreshing GEOAxIS attributes * Fixed icon on External Connection Dashboard * Fixed issues with transferring a subscription on iOS device ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.45.0 *(June 17, 2019)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Use client side formatting for HTML * Added compensation description text to the Admin Product Edit page * Fixed loading indicator on Admin pages to work when multiple datatables are on a page * Fixed issue with icon and picture loading on Internet Explorer * Fixed ability for Product Team members to view Metrics for their product * Fixed issue with certificates on mobile devices * Fixed multiple issues with Managed Products * Fixed role column in User Management export * Added loading indicator to Home page * Fixed issue with admin not being able to put a product into operational status * Fixed issue with ZeroComp products ending up with requests * Fixed issue with subscription dates on products purchased over ratio * Fixed issue with error messages ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.44.0 *(May 28, 2019)* ##### Featured * Added GEOAxIS ID to Matomo script * Added single signon using AMP * Added new landing page for App Actions ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Added filtering and other improvements to the Governance Dashboard * Added log source column to All Logs page * Added compensation type to Admin All Products page * Updated contact form * Improved Expired Apps Report * Added deep linking to the User Authentication Log records * Changed server-side HTML generation to use Handlebars client side * Updated loading indicator for datatables * Fixed managed product requests * Fixed setting dates on filters * Fixed ability to get Terms & Conditions on AMP-enabled * Fixed Thin Client discovery * Fixed Managed Product Usage link * Fixed issue with serialization of GEOAxIS passwords * Fixed issue with Product User Deployment Count * Fixed redirection issue with External Mobile Login * Added contact info to New Product page * Fixed ability to add a product via SWID * Fixed Governance Admin ability to review documents for standard products * Removed ability to upload executables for managed products * Fixed status of reviews for users * Fixed ability to delete Application Requests * Other minor fixes ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.43.2 *(May 7, 2019)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Fixed ability for IGAPP Admin to change vetting status ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.43.1 *(May 2, 2019)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Fixed displaying Matomo Script ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.43.0 *(May 1, 2019)* ##### Featured * Created api for storefronts and AMP to use to record device information * Added new FAQ page * Added new Contact page * Added ability to push notifications to groups of users ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Added indication to show that a password has already been set on admin pages * Added ability to treat Device Officers as normal users when on the mobile storefronts * Added OAuth success status to the External Connection Dashboard * Added OAuth token to claims available from GEOAxIS libraries * Removed older pages * Separated configuration errors from bad username/password errors when calling the GEOAxIS api * Reformatted push notification group names * Added RocketChat link to Product Details page * Added capability to keep at least one enclave active at all times * Added Product Details url to search and detail api results * Modified filters on admin pages to use an Apply Filter button * Converted server-side HTML to return data and be formatted using handlebars templates * Added filter to Expired Apps Report * Fixed issue with non-image files being served from the local filesystem * Fixed issue with draft products * Fixed Governance Dashboard * Fixed product team members ability to remove product tags * Added Matomo ID and AMP signature to Product Details page for IGAPP * Fixed issue with product team members not getting emails when vetting status changes * Fixed issue on metrics page * Fixed issue with parameter descriptions not displaying on help pages * Fixed issue with sorting on Key Request admin page * Fixed issue with server error message displaying rather than a message about a session timeout * Fixed other minor bugs ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.42.1 *(April 9, 2019)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Fixed hangfire task * Reverted api signature for api/search * Fixed issue with menu items for Key Requests ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.42.0 *(April 3, 2019)* ##### Featured * Changed point of compensation for AMP-enabled apps * Added subscription manager api calls * Added "powered by" api calls ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Removed HTML from global message topic * Refactored move methods * Refactored admin pages * Updated metrics pages to use dynamic content * Added support for links to global messages on native applications * Added external connection sidebar view * Added active filter to global message listing * Updated tooltip on Home page product card * Added ability to review ipa/apk data * Separated external and internal email tiles on external connection dashboard * Created unit tests for front-end code * Updated ability to send notifications to product family * Created Matomo connector table * Fixed multiple bugs ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.41.1 *(March 1, 2019)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Fixed security issue * Fixed bug related to saving Matomo Id * Added ability to save non-image files directly to shared drive ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.41.0 *(February 27, 2019)* ##### Featured * Improved functionality of global messages to be device specific and dismissable * Updated filtering to only display managed products to users with Active Directory credentials * Updated capturing multiple device IDs for a single device ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Updated product dropdowns on admin pages to include product type * Updated the Product Summary page for BI Analyst role * Fixed issue with favoriting a product * Fixed link from Hangfire Dashboard back to Home page * Added full family tree for multi-version products on admin page * Fixed issue where IGAPP admin were not being auto-assigned View permissions in Matomo * Improved export for product subscriptions to allow filtering on initial vs. renewal subscriptions * Added table to track when a device authenticated into the site * Changed logic to force users to leave a review when rating a product * Added date for Device Officer status on admin page * Reworked external connection status page * Added ability to reduce the file size of uploaded images * Added menu items for BI Analyst role * Fixed issue with date/time picker on admin pages * Added audit history for login permissions * Fixed issue with import of non-person accounts * Removed all Matomo calls from JavaScript * Improved logic for retrying managed product requests ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.40.0 *(February 13, 2019)* ##### Featured * Display only apps that match device form factor for iOS devices ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Added warning messages to UI for Global Message * Added GAS Branded error page * Added dynamic content to Home, Product Details * Fixed breadcrumbs * Added thumbnail of image when adding an image through a modal * Added timespan values to AWS Logs * Added ability to update groups for individual users * Removed governance docs from new versions of a product * Added ability to refresh credential data on a login edit page * Reduced time required to authenticate to the site * Fixed moving groups * Fixed creation date for new versions of product * Fixed styling for product details page to look better on phones * Fixed install update throwing errors * Fixed issue on Submit Idea page * Added ability for New Product page to redirect to admin pages for admin role * Fixed icons on New Product page * Added ability to apply personal contact info into New Product * Added ability to prevent saving when processing * Removed POC info on Product Details page for anonymous users * Fixed multiple issues on Product Details page * Fixed issue with push notifications * Added ability to control local replication of images * Added more control on S3 images * Fixed permissions on Metrics pages * Fixed datetime pickers on Metrics pages * Added ability to support FIPS encryption ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.39.1 *(January 18, 2019)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Fixed issue with Product Detail page slowness * Added time logging switch to System Settings ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.39.0 *(January 16, 2019)* ##### Featured * New app submission page ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Added ability to read platform supported by a mobile app from the executable * Added lat/lon to OpenApp api calls * Corrected the rules used for the "NGA Employees" group * Added ability to limit login move jobs in hangfire * Added login permission change in audit listing for logins * Added ability to change a user's roles from the login edit page * Added deep linking to specific tabs on the product edit page * Added "parameters" values to the AWS log export * Improved connections table on the product edit page * Added ability to not allow anonymous user group request access for compensated and managed products * Added ability to export time log data * Added time picker filter to log listings * Added system setting to disable uninstall requests for managed products * Fixed issue with Source Summary Report * Fixed issue with radio buttons on Vetting Status modal * Fixed issue with duplicate tiers being automatically added * Fixed issue to allow non-mobile executables to be downloaded from License Management page * Fixed issue with GEOAxIS attributes not properly mapping to a new PKI user * Fixed issue with push/pull * Fixed issue with vetting history in admin actions * Fixed issue with IGAPP admin access to product edit page * Fixed issue with Product Recommendation * Fixed issue with Get Related products * Fixed issue with verifying emails * Fixed issue with looking up Agencies * Fixed issue with Application Request page * Fixed issue with Product Details displaying a managed product on Firefox ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.38.3 *(December 19, 2018)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Fixed problem with api/v3/detail not returning good link to icon ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.38.2 *(December 10, 2018)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Fixed device ID trimming in product downloads * Fixed JavaScript references on the device listing page ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.38.1 *(December 7, 2018)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Fixed performance and logic in GX group mapping * Fixed Source Summary report error ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.38.0 *(December 4, 2018)* ##### Featured * Updated Metrics pages ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Added display of team response to user's review * Included user comments to Recommend to a Friend email * Fixed wording on auto-generated emails * Removed requirement for screenshots from managed products * Fixed required fields for managed products * Fixed some wording and styling on the web pages * Fixed redirect problem * Fixed issues with creating draft products * Fixed issues with auto-population of fields * Fixed floating point error * Fixed issue with anonymous users not being able to download products * Converted My Library pages to match Home page styling * Created new log table for vetting status changes * Added warnings to admins trying to change the mobile storefront * Adjusted import/export fields ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.37.1 *(November 9, 2018)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Fixed problem with standard products not showing on the Details page ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.37.0 *(November 5, 2018)* ##### Featured * Added support for provisioning to Thick Client physical devices * Developed Governance Document status report for viewing on all networks ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Separated AD and GEOAxIS remapping * Added product links to Compensated Product Request emails * Added usernames and dates to responses and comments on Admin Ratings page * Added logging to export service * Improved UX for changing Vetting Status on Details page * Improved warning message presented to Device Officers on mobile storefront when trying to subscribe to a product * Updated some links to the Details page * Allowed anonymous access to mobile storefront application assets * Removed unused tables * Updated Vetting Status workings on Admin Product Edit page * Separated AssetFile in export task * Improved how replacing asset files works * Allowed export files to not be zipped * Modified push/pull export to only include summary data * Fixed how web launches are counted for By Click compensation * Fixed other bugs ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.36.0 *(October 17, 2018)* ##### Featured * Added ability to remap users based on attributes * Update how downloads are tracked to increase accuracy * Added ability to give IGAPP members view access to new products in Motomo * Improved the app submission workflow to allow draft product submissions * Added ability to read .ipa and .apk files to auto-populate certain product fields * Remove requirement for Governance Documents ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Changed how Launch Web Modal is displayed * Removed Launch Modal for standard web applications * Added page for F5 team to check web status * Updated response for api canceling requests * Added redirect capability for OAuth logins * Added capability to reset an employee's ID * Fixed compensation by click compensation model * Fixed ability for user to be able to cancel a request for a product on a device * Fixed app expiration date computation * Fixed missing fields on product submission form for IGAPP Admin * Added required field checks when changing vetting status of a product * Fixed issue with external login * Fixed issue with Zero Compensation product not being downloadable * Fixed compensation values on Dashboard * Fixed how vetting statuses are displayed on My Libary page * Fixed ability to upload Governance Documents * Fixed Hangfire task * Fixed status for Managed Products * Fixed counts on Metrics page ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.35.1 *(October 11, 2018)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Fixed issue with managed product workflow * Fixed issue with assigning groups to products ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.35.0 *(September 26, 2018)* ##### Featured * Changed default Vetting Status * Allowed Product Team members to change Vetting Status * Changed character length for Description and Requirements fields * Added email notifications for Vetting Status changes * Added group to IGAPP products * Added email notification when rating review is approved * Added POC information to mobile API * Improved filtering options on admin pages ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Fixed issues with de-duplicating assets * Fixed display issue on admin page * Fixed counting algorithm for downloads * Fixed warning message displayed for reviews * Added Sign In To Download button on new details page * Fixed styling for menu items * Fixed URL routing without version information * Added visibility filter to S3 admin page ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.34.1 *(September 17, 2018)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Fixed issue with downloading executables from the mobile storefront * Added tools for managing assets on S3 and in the DB ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.34.0 *(September 12, 2018)* ##### Featured * Added ETags to file downloads * Added confirmation dialog for critical configuration changes * Added ability for device officers to download MIPR products * Change vetting text in emails to include correct names * Added user control of email subscriptions * Added automated emails when product vetting status is changed * Added automated emails when all governance documents are adjudicated * Added more detail to asset listing and edit modal to allow for better S3 usage and debugging ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Fixed stability issues with large file uploads * Add links to user on many admin pages and modals * Fixed MIPR key assignment bug * Fixed calculation modal for MIPR requests * Fixed status issues for new product from IGAPP admins * Fixed issue with numbers on Briefing Report * Removed DO from DO group when removed as a DO ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.33.1 *(August 16, 2018)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Fixed issue with numbers on Briefing Report ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.33.0 *(August 15, 2018)* ##### Featured * Allow for tying DO requests to Device Units * Added Map of the World APIs * Added admin pages for viewing DO subscription updates * Added ability for DOs to subscribe to product updates * Added approved DOs to Login Management Group * Send Emails when a product's status changed to IGAPP Recommend * Finalized S3 configuration for upper networks and enabled S3 usage * Added Client IP population for logging records * Added separation of FOUO data from Unclassified data * Added MIPR deleting * Removed GAS v1 API support * Allowed batch updating of managed product contact information * Changed V3 API for Download and Update to GET ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Fixed excluding GAS Storefront product from home page results * Fixed zero-comp issues and added new zero comp type * Fixed automated push/pull * Fixed bugs with GroupLogin, Category, Login, and Credential moving * Fixed displaying of Governance documents to show only the current enclave's docs * Fixed textarea limits for product edit pages * Fixed bugs with source summary report * Fixed character limits for multiple tables * Fixed logic flaws with compensated product deletion * Various bugs ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.32.0 *(July 18, 2018)* ##### Featured * Added compensation models for the following product types: Data Service, Web Service, Algorithm, and Tool/Plugin * Added source summary dashboard and reports for admins to include: Day in the Life, IGAPP Downloads, Division Update ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Added configurable PeopleSoft link * Fixed display names in reviews returned via mobile api * Renamed admin menu items * Fixed so IGAPP Admin always creates product in IGAPP Test status * Fixed base url of mobile icons * Fixed so $0 compensations are automatically approved * Fixed styling on admin pages * Fixed issues on the Product Details page * Fixed sorting on the Home page * Fixed ability of BI Analyst to view Automation Reports * Fixed page title on web pages * Fixed v3 api for requesting products * Fixed to allow users to include apostrophe in first or last name * Fixed admin User Management page * Fixed Product Delete link in admin menu * Fixed ability for tags to include multiple words ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.31.0 *(June 27, 2018)* ##### Featured * Added ability for admins to email users through the web * Added ability to unrevoke a device * Added ability to deduplicate category names * Added ability for admins to approve developer comments on Admin Ratings page * Added ability for admins to add comments to reviews on Admin Ratings page * Added Device Listing page for admins to view all data related to a device ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Added filtering for Admin Ratings page * Fixed ability to remove mission from product * Fixed ability for admins to be able to add tags * Fixed metrics for Tool/Plugin product type * Fixed validation of bundleidentifer and versionsequence on SubmitApp page * Fixed ability to deduplicate various tables * Fixed display of governance docs based on enclave * Fixed rating averages and counts * Fixed cosmetic issues ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.30.1 *(May 30, 2018)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Fixed issue with merging groups * Fixed issue with getting Piwik Id from Admin Product Edit page ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.30.0 *(May 23, 2018)* ##### Featured * S3 Storage for images, documents, etc. * S3 Storage for archiving * Product revocation - revoke users' ability to use a version of an app * Device revocation - revoke a device's ability to use an app ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Added ability to prevent requests for Device Officer role * Added capability to provide product description for authenticated users * Added ability to mark screenshots as available for only authenticated users * Added AMP support for Standard products * Added ability for AMP-enabled apps to submit app reviews * Added log for AWS calls * Ensured email notification goes to creator of a MIPR request * Fixed api calls for mobile storefront * Fixed issue with Groups allowing duplicate values ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.29.1 *(May 7, 2018)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Fixed issue with empty collections showing on Home page * Fixed issue with paragraph formatting * Added compensation model to Tool/Plugin product types ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.29.0 *(May 2, 2018)* ##### Featured: * Added notifications for mobile users with installed products * Added ability for mobile users to opt-out of notifications for installed products * Added admin tools for managing notification topics and devices * Added ability to place assets in S3 bucket ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Added human-readable, product-specific information to mobile signature * Added logging for merged user accounts * Sort Device Unit Management table * Added admin page for managing metrics ids * Improved Governance Admin capabilities * Fixed Automation Reports page * Allow Product Team members to remove screenshots and resources during the SubmitApp process * Refactored duplicative code * Fixed issues with the v3 mobile api * Fixed issues with adding tags to products * Formatted install notes for display on web and mobile * Added better error handling for new versions of products * Fixed issue with tracking script not displaying * Fixed issue with adding users for product * Fixed menu on admin page * Add download count for current version of a product on the details page ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.28.0 *(April 2, 2018)* ##### Featured: * Added Briefing Reports page to Metrics * Added ability for mobile storefronts to report names of GEOINT apps installed on a device ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Improved home page sorting of within product types * Updated "New and Updated" filter criteria * Added display of audit log for group attribute changes * Removed Widget as product type * Added Tool/Plugin as product type * Added API for Enterprise Audit Team * Optimized image storage and display * Added fields to mobile search API * Converted aspx file to MVC * Updated logic for updating AD credentials * Tweaked styling on navigation elements * Changed logic on queries for group attributes to include AND and OR options * Modified Governance Document Review page to only return documents for one product at a time * Fixed issue with PIWIK for new versions of a product * Fixed problem with selecting and displaying product tags * Fixed issue on AppsReport * Fixed sorting issue on admin page * Fixed issue with Piwik * Fixed issue with management of devices with MIPR funded app * Fixed api issues * Fixed issue with EcoBar * Fixed searching for product team members * Fixed issues with device officers not getting all emails * Fixed issue with product ratings for newer versions of a product ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.27.1 *(March 15, 2018)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Fixed issue with iOS not being able to install or update an app ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.27.0 *(March 7, 2018)* ##### Featured * Added ability to target push notifications by device platform * Improved notifications of expiring/expired apps to users and administrators * Added RocketChat channel to product information * Added Welcome page for new users ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Made preparations for move to PCF environment * Added ability to update Platform Application Credentials in code * Modified credential creation rules * Added validation for notification topic creation * Ensured all JavaScript bundling results in cache busting * Added icons and tooltips for admin page * Added OAuth alternative on mobile devices * Fixed admin page styling * Adjusted Mobile Notification Logs * Fixed bugs with product ratings and reviews * Fixed issues getting GEOAxIS attributes * Fixed issue with notification tokens and device ids * Fixed issue with managed product request processing * Fixed display issue with IE * Fixed email validation for new PKI users * Fixed issue with consolidation of logins and credentials * Fixed return values for mobile authentication * Fixed issues with License Management * Fixed issues with MIPR products in AMP * Changed all dates in responses to mobile APi calls to UTC format * Changed return value for GetReview API ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.26.0 *(February 14, 2018)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Audit Log viewing cleanup * Remove remaining .aspx pages * Add EmployeeId provides from GEOAxIS * Optimize home page layouts * Improve compensation tab for admins * Add product filter to admin pages * Add count of users in a topic to admin display * Improve Device Officer, Tools, and Admin menu display * Add configuration to turn OAuth on and off * Add link for corporate apps * Fix ratings and reviews for admins and product team * Fix display of roles in My Account dropdown * Fix mobile request for versioned product * Fix user name wrapping on admin pages * Fix home page ratings for versioned products * Add better logging to Hangfire tasks * Fix counts for non-versioned products * Fix spacing on admin page * Fix renewals for compensated mobile products * Add success message to OpenApp and RenewApp response * Fix response for mobile requesting product * Return average ratings and downloads for product family in mobile searches * Include user pending review when getting reviews for mobile * Allow special characters in review title and description; remove any HTML ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.25.1 *(February 5, 2018)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Fix issues with import/export ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.25.0 *(January 31, 2018)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Mobile notification fixes * Created ability to subscribe all users on a platform to a topics * Fixed login move for users with Device Officer role or part of a Product Team * Fixed login move to use the oldest login as the base * Fixed login move to move credentials last * Fixed manual export/import for desktop products * Fixed automated import/export to remove unnecessary fields * Fixed several issues admins were having editing products * Fixed issue with encoded characters in system settings * Added timeout value to auth api return value * Modified the response for invalid login * Fixed automated import to prevent changing the vetting status of an existing product * Merge accounts based on email * Created ability to enable AD credential when associated PKI is used to login * Fixed issue with some special characters on responses to user reviews * Fixed display of login id on admin page * Fixed ability for users to login into sideloaded apps on mobile devices * Increased the size of product type icons on the home page * Removed extra pages * Created table to store device information by user * Added classification messages to mobile notifications * Fixed automated updating of the product route * Removed unnecessary error modals * Added device name to some admin pages * Added title field to admin ratings modals * Added maintenance for merged PKI and AD accounts * Added Device Officer device type and counts to the Device Unit page * Added device id as field to user's product transaction tab on admin page * Stopped adding "- 1" to the names of new product versions ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.24.1 *(January 18, 2018)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Fixed product ratings on home page ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.24.0 *(January 17, 2018)* ##### Featured * Home page redesign * Product Details design improvement ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Upgrade Hangfire * Configure cookie timeout length * Allow OAuth result to include multiple user names * Remove Enterprise Search * Improve moving of logins * Add system setting to allow admins/creators to increment standard web product launches * Fixed bug with ManagedAppAdmin viewing results on the Managed Product Request page * Fixed moving products that a user has made a favorite * Fixed ManagedAppAdmin not charging compensation for compensated products * Fixed selecting users for Product Team members * Fixed total install count for compensated mobile products * Fixed side-loaded subscription app renewal * Updated mobile api for requesting products ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.23.0 *(January 3, 2018)* ##### Featured * Added GEOAxIS OAuth authentication to support ID.ME credentials ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * System settings page bug fixes * Converted from Forms authentication to Claims based authentication * Added export capability to Admin Ratings page ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.22.0 *(December 6, 2017)* ##### Featured * Users can remove their rating/review for a product ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Admin system settings page updated * Fixed filter for pending ratings on Admin page * Update mobile Details api for ratings and downloads * Add system settings to prevent compensated products tab on My Library page * Fix date filter on Admin Product Request page ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.21.0 *(November 29, 2017)* ##### Featured * Add new product type of Data Service ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Anonymous users can view reviews * Fixed Pending button for Device Officers assigned the role * Product Icon problem fixed ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.20.0 *(November 16, 2017)* ##### Featured * Allow GlobalAdmin and Device Officers to add documents to a MIPR Request. ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.19.0 *(November 6, 2017)* ##### Featured * Allow IGAPP Admin to export products from the production server ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.18.0 *(October 25, 2017)* ##### Featured * Allow Device Officers and Admins to edit MIPR information * Improve push notifications to allow creation of topcs * Improve push notifications to allow creation of platform applications * Add push notification logging * Add sending of topics * Improve push notifications to allow sending to specific users * Improve push notifications to allow notification to users when app update is available * Add title field to reviews * Allow user to rate each version of a product * Allow users to see ratings/reviews for current and all versions * Allow product team members to give specific users access to a product * Allow admins to change the compensation value for a transaction ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Force users to enter first and last names * Restrict characters for first and last names * Fix MIPR request when compensation tiers are below requested number * Create mock AD * Display total compensation for MIPR requests ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.17.2 *(October 2, 2017)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Fix bug preventing Device Officers from requesting MIPR products ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.17.1 *(September 28, 2017)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Fix bug with anonymous users getting error trying to view compensated apps ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.17.0 *(September 27, 2017)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Add Push Notifications for mobile * Add admin interface to send push notifications to all users * Add GEOAxIS UID auto matching * Add managed product transactions to a user's login details for admins * Add export of user product transactions and managed product transactions for admins * Allow users to view and accept App Store terms and conditions through mobile storefront * Fix subscription start/end dates for users on multiple devices * Improve wording for IGAPP Vendor Feedback page * All batch processing of compensated product requests for admin * Create copy of compensation when new version created * Allow creator/team member to download their product in any status * Tie managed requests to credentials of user * Allow users to see all their submitted products regardless of product status * Fix bug allowing device officers to request products as a renewal * Fix bug preventing proper registration of subscription for side-loaded apps * Fix ratings hover problem * Fix keyword search on admin pages * Refactor internal data models * Fix site styling ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.16.1 *(September 6, 2017)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Updated compensation tab on Product Details page for admins * Fix provisioning of managed products on high side ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.16.0 *(August 30, 2017)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Add a MIPR Log page and additional MIPR logging * Add product transaction tab to User Management Edit page * Updated compensation tab on Product Detail page to show MIPR compensation * Allow device officers to view other device officers within their device unit hierarchy * Add validation for iOS bundle identifier and version * Invalidate license key when a user is removed from a key * Update download api security * Fix how dates are displayed in IE 11 * Embed PIWIK tracking code * Remove auto-assignment of groups to products * Add app expiration warnings to mobile code library * Add more profile management to mobile storefront * Update Automated Deprovisioning algorithm for managed products * Fixed automated de-provisioning for re-requested applications * Prevented JavaScript from being added to DynamicContent * Fixed displaying of release notes * Allowed MailTo links in DynamicContent * Added brute force prevention for license key redemption * Added logic to prevent GEOAxIS attributes from clearing when GEOAxIS is down * Added APIs to allow mobile apps to update user profile * Allowed multiple servers to process the managed product workflow at the same time * Added refreshing of credential attributes before managed product provisioning ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.15.1 *(August 17, 2017)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Fixed auto-approved compensations when product is over compensation threshold * Added logging details for product transactions ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.15.0 *(July 26, 2017)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Enhancements to MIPR Process * Added ability to assign and redeem MIPR product keys * Added AND and OR logic to GEOAxIS attribute rules for group assignment * Fixed automated de-provisioning logic * Updates to version name and sequence fields on iOS and Android product form * Product Status fixes for mobile API * Corrected deployment count displayed on managed product pages * Added filters and batch processing on compensated product request pages * Performance enhancements to background process for usage date collection ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.14.1 *(July 5, 2017)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Fix to IsWithinRatio for Compensation * Changes to MIPR Tables for Price per unit * Fixes breadcrumb on Key Management and User Authentication Log pages ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.14.0 *(June 28, 2017)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Combined NGA and COE enclave logic and removed COE enclave * Added MIPR funding capability * Added Device Units and management pages * Added dynamic content on the home page * Added prevention of clickjacking * Fixed bug in compensated product requests * Added funding source attribute to products * Added DMUC filter to homepage ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.13.3 *(June 8, 2017)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Fixed permissions issue on Developer's Corner ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.13.2 *(May 30, 2017)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Update details script to use markdown instead of HTML ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.13.1 *(May 26, 2017)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Bug fix for users having access to products they are not assigned to * Added logging of the file information for file imports * Added native account password changing ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.13.0 *(May 24, 2017)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Added workflow restarting of any managed product request * Fixed bug with Credentials not tied to AD when they should be * Adjusted the success message on Product Edit page to display longer * Fixed a bug where Products are compensated again after Managing Devices and removing a license. * Fixed a bug where manage devices allowing installs on more devices than the set ratio. * Fixed datatables JS error * Adjusted Hangfire confirmation box HTML formatting * Added export button for Compensated Product Requests table * Fixed the Remedy Call Log View Page * Fixed the subscription renewals ratio issues * Added the ability to set connection string via environment variables * Adjusted export to no move vetting status changes * Fixed bug with processing requests with multiple COE Credentials * Added Management of API keys * Fixed Export logic flaw * Add DMUC checkbox to product ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.12.0 *(April 26, 2017)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Added Authentication Log page * Fixed email matching from PKI credentials * Added emailing admins when governance documents change * Added emailing admins when product vetting status changes * Added disabling of credentials when they are not active in AD * Fixed filtering on the Managed Product Request page * Adjusted deployment counting to ignore disabled accounts ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.11.0 *(April 10, 2017)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Added email footers with links back to the source website * Separated Hangfire into separate app pool * Limit COE access managed products to only NGA users * Added ability to remove DO access * Added status details modal for managed products * Added quick add by SWID for managed products * Adjusted the UI for configuring managed products and stored a copy of connection details in the database * Fixed canceling user installs bug * Added de-duplication of asset files * Added buttons for on-demand push, pull, and workflow job queuing * Fixed UserMetrics importing * Admin link refactoring/redesign * Added the ability to turn off individual Hangfire jobs * Added account matching by GEOAxIS email address attribute ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.10.1 *(March 20, 2017)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Enhancements and fixes to the managed product request workflow processing * XSS attack prevention on the home page search box * Idea submission fixes * Automatic association of COE account from Titanium PKI logon * Filtering issues with catalog search results during Ascent product connection configuration ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.10.0 *(March 8, 2017)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * New nightly jobs to removed old troubleshooting data from the database * Rules enforcing data retention policies * Further enhancements to managed app provisioning capabilities for low side requests * PKI logon bug fixes ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.9.2 *(March 1, 2017)* The focus of this release is to continue the integration of Provisioning Software Services (PSS) into the GEOINT App Store to provision managed applications. ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Logging in with PKI creates new/matches existing AD credential and finds other related logins by employee ID. * All enclaves, active and inactive, are now displayed on the Edit AD Connector page. * Product Web Service and AD connectors are now order by enclave and name on the Product Edit page. * View link is no longer displayed for product AD connections that have inactive AD connectors. * View link is no longer displayed for product Web Service connections that have inactive Web Service connectors. * Default values are now correctly set for new product Web Service connections. * Enclave dropdown on the Edit AD Connector modal now shows all enclaves, both active and inactive. * Reduced run time for RunProductRequestWorkflowQueue job in Hangfire. * Fixed product status determination errors for select products. * Empty login records no longer created during deployment count sync. * Deployment count sync now recording AD deployments properly in database. * Deployment/install counts now updating properly in multiple locations (Product Details and Metrics pages, AD Deployments modal) after AD Deployment sync. * Test for Web Service Provision and Deprovision methods no longer throws an error when null value used for requestID. * Number of deployments for a product is now calculated by aggregating per user (LoginGUID), per enclave for a single count and then applying the aggregation ratio. * COE Deployment counts and logins now displaying properly after deployment count sync. * Deployment count sync adjusted to synchronize only operational products; manual sync of non-operational products allowed. * Deployment count sync no longer attempts to create multiple credentials with the same username. * Admins can now use the Quick Add option on the Deployment tab of the Product Edit page to add a security group via name search. * Button status now displaying correctly for installed managed products with AD connectors. * Enclave information on Product Details page Integration tab now matches Product Edit page Deployment tab. * Status button calculation errors no longer occur for certain products on SBU enclave. * Created a Quick Add form for managed products, using the SWID to create a new product with appropriate Web Service connections. * Added a tooltip on hovering the "View" and "Remove" links for AD and WS connections on the Product Edit page Deployments tab that displays the connector GUID. * Added text on Update My Profile page prompting users to enter an official .mil email address." was implemented as a pop-up modal requiring user confirmation if a non .mil address was entered. * Improved name parsing for GEOAxIS user login emails. * Created a mobile API method to allow mobile storefront users to accept terms and conditions upon authentication. * Adjusted the login clean up and de-duplication Hangfire job to remove logins without credentials. * Update buttons on Product Edit page tabs now display a spinning icon and become disabled during save. * Device Officers can install a compensated product from the mobile storefront after approval without triggering additional compensation. * User de-duplication process now working correctly. * Clicking "Edit" from user dropdown on Admin Product and Login Management pages now correctly redirects to Edit User Login page. * Deployments section no longer missing on Product Details page - Integration tab for managed products. * Introduced longer migration timeout to accommodate data needs. * Added a note on Edit User Login page - Management and Workflow Details tab indicating managers added via Active Directory are not recognized by GEOINT App Store as an active approver. * Added text on Update My Profile page prompting users to enter an official .mil email address was implemented as a pop-up modal requiring user confirmation if a non .mil address was entered. * Device Officers are now required to request products over threshold instead of being auto-approved. * UID attribute now used for GEOAxIS credential matching to increase match accuracy and reliability. * Added 2.8 version of api/getglobalmessage. * Updating ProductUserDeployments database records no longer generates an exception. * Database reload of Import/Export settings values is now forced before processing the page. * Invoicing and other dashboard activity end dates extended to include the entire day. * Implemented third-party code library cleanup. * Converted Export Product button on the Product Edit page to Admin Actions dropdown menu Export option. * Only active AD connectors now display on Domain dropdown on login form; AD – Active Directory option removed from Login Type dropdown when no active AD connectors available. * Credential counts now displaying correctly on Enclave page. * Product links on Product Installs page now have a valid URL to the Product Edit page. * Export files now building in the correct folder. * UpdateProductUsageDates Hangfire job no longer throws an exception. * MergeLoginsBasedOnEmail Hangfire job now keeps the oldest login record and moves newer logins with matching email address to that oldest record. * Added multi-value search capability to Select Login modal for moving logins; added help button to assist user search. * Updated mobile API to include more information for Product Details page. * IGAPP Admins are now able to open Product Details page for operational Standard Products. * Import/Export page now functioning properly. * UpdateUsageDates Hangfire job no longer throws Usage Aggregation Service errors. * Import file upload now successful when multiple directories are entered in IMPORT path. * User name now populates from AD upon first-time AD user login or report from an AD provisioning connection. * Device Officer Install counts now display correctly on Product Details page. * Different API calls now used for updates and initial install. * Added ability to update and clear server push/pull authentication information on Import/Export page. * Correct records now export when filtering by enclave. * Batch Action buttons now function properly when "All" checkbox selected. * Improved UI for Batch Action modals on the All Products and Managed Product Listing pages. ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.9.1 *(February 16, 2017)* The focus of this release is to continue the integration of Provisioning Software Services (PSS) into the GEOINT App Store to provision managed applications. The following tasks were completed to support this integration: * Logging in with PKI credential triggers search across all active Active Directory (AD) connectors to create a new or match an existing AD credential. * Removed Lookup link on Product Edit page Deployments tab when no catalog method is listed for the default enclave’s Web Service (WS) connector. * License Aggregation Ratios must now be greater than or equal to 1; default value for new products is 1. * Managed product status calculation for Product Detail page adjusted to display correct status and proper button action. * Managed products requiring manager approval now implement proper business logic, displaying Request button and appropriate product request record when requested. * COE deployment counts now properly calculated and displayed on Metrics page deployments graph for all managed products. * Non-credentialed AD logins belonging to an AD group associated with a managed product are created upon deployment count synchronization. * Implemented DNS override capability by adding a configuration setting for unresolvable addresses that assumes they are thin clients. * Deployment Count now incrementing and displaying properly after synchronization. * Managed products can now be successfully requested from the Product Details page. * Corporate Applications filter visible to Managed App Admins on Home page. * Deployment count sync now working properly for AD deployments. * Correct status now displays on Product Details page for managed products after successfully completing workflow. * Corrected uninstall logic for managed products. * Fixed status and push logic to utilize secondary enclave. * Correct button status now displays for managed products on Product Details page. * Added modal validation to add/edit form posts on WebService Connectors page, returning validation errors where needed to alert user of issues. * Added secondary enclave to WS push. * Messages for products with "Not Available" button status now provide greater detail. * License and manager approve/reject options are removed from the Managed Product Requests page after user cancels a request. * Version added to WS catalog lookup modal. * Resolved issues with multiple credential creation upon deployment count synchronization. * Corrected Workflow Call Log summary. * Fixed WS connector installation issues, status button logic, and login display on deployments modal. * WS connector methods can now be set to "Use COE" by selecting a checkbox. * Product with WS connector no longer erroneously displays "Uninstall" button without user request/install, after a brand product is set to operational status. * Install count on Product Details page and Actual count on product Approval Details page are now incrementing properly for managed products. * Correct "Request" button status now displays for managed products requiring manager/license approval. * Added logging to Update-Usage-Dates job to permit view of parameters being passed to web service. * Managed App Admins are now taken to Product Edit page after submitting an app. * Managed App Admins now have access to Import/Export page. * Number of deployments for a product now calculated by aggregating per user/login ID, per enclave for a single count and then applying the aggregation ratio. * AD deployment count now displaying properly on deployment count modal. * Eliminated extra Update Usage web service calls. * WS provision success and error log entries on the Managed Product Request Workflow History modal now link to the Web Service Connector Method Call Log records that generated the call. * All references to approvals.aspx removed and now redirect to new MVC-converted Managed Product Request page. * SAM Arts tool link opens new tab upon user click, for "Has Cost" managed product requests. * Managed product installation now occurs for both requesting and associated AD accounts. * Removed Verified status from product request workflow as reporting delays no longer occur. This release also implements expanded import/export capabilities. The following tasks were completed to support this improved functionality: * Removed the Import/Export tab from System Settings page to support introduction of new standalone Import/Export page. * Created Import/Export page with expanded capabilities. * Automated export adjusted to include only information updated in the specified time frame. * Added configurable maximum single export file size option to System Settings page. * Synchronization issues on Import/Export page resolved. * Clicking WSDL/Endpoint URL links on Web Service Connector Methods modal opens a new tab/window. * Managed App Admins now see more detailed error status information upon hovering an "Error" button on the Product Details page than standard users. * Deployment modal for AD now color-codes user logins to reflect current AD/system match status. ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Clicking the "Need Help?" hyperlink on any Submit App page opens an information modal tailored to each type of product submission. * Implemented cleanup process for logins with no credentials. * Product RootGUID now updates properly when product relationship changes. * Adjusted Remove-Duplicate-Users job to delete login records without credentials or compensations. * Added Created column, sortable by date/time, to target selection modal for login move. * Body content on Dynamic Content page can now be searched. * Enhanced status messages on Product Details page. * Product Details page no longer shows "Cancel" button with "Pending Approval" message after users cancel a request. * Improved error message "Asset Not Found" logged when user follows a link to an asset that no longer exists. * Logging in with PKI or GEOAxIS accounts now displays the installation status for associated AD accounts. * AD authentication now working on SBU and SEC stage/production environments. * Adjusted the default sorting criteria on multiple pages for better user experience. * Hangfire terminates redundant jobs when triggered multiple times. * Reduced Fortify critical issues by refactoring ProductDetail.js and modal.js. * Added product name to last node of Product Edit breadcrumb. * Converted Remedy Call Log and Import/Export page from ASPX to MVC. * Removed logins with no username credentials from Groups tables. * Single quote code no longer displaying in Admin comments on product reviews. * HTML tags are no longer visible when saving Product Team Member information. * Modified Images tab on Product Edit page for consistency with other tabs; functionality now prevents user from removing required images. * Moved vetting history action link to Vetting Status column on Admin Product listing. * Date/time filters now working correctly on All Logs page. * Revised "Error" button markup text instructions to improve clarity. * Added Hangfire logging for Remove-Duplicate-Users job. * Standard app submissions no longer allowed without executable file for Global or Managed App Admins. * Improved consistency of naming conventions across pages. * Enclave Move now moves all related items successfully. * Native users on NGANet now able to see their own product submissions. * GEOAxIS and PKI accounts now auto-associate for same email address. * User role now displays in the My Account dropdown. * Single-item bar graphs now displays properly on the Metrics page. * Sorting now persists on All Products and Managed Product Listing pages upon navigating away from and back to page. ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.9.0 *(January 25, 2017)* The focus of this release is to prepare the GEOINT App Store to provision managed applications. The following tasks were completed to accomplish the integration of Provisioning Software Services (PSS) into the GEOINT App Store: * Moved managed product data from current product model to a separate related model, producing a child managed product database table. * Replaced dynamic web service call and mapping logic with a static web service reference to improve performance and significantly decrease processing time. * Removed Product Install Dates and Departments options from Admin menu to eliminate redundancy and unnecessary complexity. * Removed Departments from database. * Updated authorization roles—removed Department Licensing Manager, Product Admin, and Service Desk roles; added Managed App Admin role, which encompasses all Licensing Admin authorizations. * Restructured code within PSSCore. * Reorganized Admin menu product management options into separate sub sections for General, Compensated, and Managed products. * Documented and streamlined managed product request workflow. * Added tooltip for "Not Provisionable" message on All Products and Managed Products pages specific to each product type. * Removed redundant/obsolete options from Deployment and Approval Details tabs on Product Edit page for managed products. * Added Has Cost attribute to General Details tab on Product Edit page for managed products. * Configured Managed App Admin permissions to allow view and edit of managed products only; unable to delete products. * Added warning message for 3rd Party Web Services section on Deployment tab of Product Edit page when Web Service call returns inactive status. * Removed managed product filters from Product Administration page for IGAPP (compensated) Admin view. * Merged AD and Login Deployment lookup links on the Deployment tab of the Product Edit page to reduce redundancy. * Allowed Managed App Admin access to Dynamic Content page to permit automated email notification content management. * Redesigned Approval Details tab on Product Edit page to allow all enclave thresholds and totals to be viewed and configured in a centralized area. * Removed "Is Orphaned" option from Product Edit and Managed Product Listing pages. * Implemented SAM ARTS tool modal when "cost" managed products are requested, including link to ARTS tool on high side. Dynamic text incorporating additional information/instructions can be managed by Managed App Admin. * New automated email setting is now available to notify appropriate MSS, GAS, SAM, AIT team members when an automated deployment takes more than 24 hours to install. * Managed product metrics data is now exportable in XLS and CSV file formats. * Managed products without usage info now display a table row labeled "No Data" on the Product Usage Detail modal. ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Converted Web Service Connector, Product Deployment Counts, Web Service Call Log, Import/Export, and Managed Product Request pages from ASPX to MVC. * Optimized code to make Hangfire processes, including updating usage dates and employee IDs, run faster. * Hangfire jobs are now logged to assist in debugging performance issues for long-running jobs. * Incorporated color-coded highlighting for checkbox headers on the Access & Authorization tab of Product Edit page to indicate AJAX call status. * Current Compensated Product Request page persists after request approval or rejection. * Added an icon on User Management page to indicate user has accepted Terms and Conditions (T&C); tooltip on hover displays date the user accepted T&C. * Added a progress indicator to Deployment tab of Product Edit page for a managed product after clicking Lookup link for Web Service or AD connectors, to indicate AJAX call is working. * Improved UI responsiveness on All Products and Managed Product Listing pages to handle horizontal content expansion. * Refined time-out value descriptions on Workflow tab of System Settings page to be more intuitive. * Web Service connector products and methods can now be moved to another connector, with the option to delete the source connector. * Web Service Connector methods can now be tested by entering arguments into a test form, displaying results at the bottom of the modal. * Added parameter names to the Web Service connector test form modal. * Improved specificity of managed product request success response. * Audit history information is now visible for web service connector methods. * Login with PKI or other credentials triggers search/match for existing AD credentials using employee ID. * Improvements to Managed Product Requests page—"Requests" link on the Admin Actions dropdown of Product Details page filters the Managed Product Requests page to include only requests for that specific managed product; Requested column defaults to descending sort order; and Type columns on both MPR page and Workflow History modal are color-coded to reflect status. * Managed App Admin now has the ability to create new Standard and Managed desktop products. * Compensated downloads for Mobile Installs on the IGAPP Dashboard are now calculated correctly. * Device Officers are now able to successfully download products purchased on another machine. * Search function on Product Deployment Counts page no longer generates an application error. * Triggering a Hangfire job in quick succession several times only completes the first job, reducing CPU load. * Vetting History option on Admin Actions menu on All Products page is now working properly. * Associated groups are now properly copied over when a new version of a product is created. * Subscription product renewals are now compensating properly. * Fixed keyword filtering on Compensated Product Request History page. * Compensation Available is now calculated properly on Product Details page Compensation tab. * Login Move function now moves Product Compensations successfully on User Management page. * ADUtility error no longer generated when Employee Id Field value is null for AD connector. * Highlights and Toggle Highlight link are now working correctly on Product Deployment Counts page. * Product Base Type filter now clears successfully when navigating from Managed Product Listing to All Products page. * Internal error message no longer generated when updating user profiles. * Closing an edit modal on an MVC admin page returns the URL to the listing page URL. --------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.8.1 *(December 12, 2016)* The focus of this release is to: address existing technical debt and finish the Web 2.9 Subscription Compensation Model. * Removed Device Name column from Compensated Product Request History page to avoid duplicating information in Device ID column. * Created new Admin pages for viewing product downloads and installs. * Created new Admin table that displays all open app calls by user and deviceId * Add user:device ratio for mobile compensated products. ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Updated button text/message on Product Details page to alert user when a mobile product with the Compensation By User compensation model was previously requested by another user on the same device. * Created a table that records OpenApp and RenewApp data from mobile apps for admins. * As a GlobalAdmin user needs a way to view OpenApp and RenewApp data captured by the App Store. * Download count on Product Detail page now includes all versions in family. * View count on Product Detail page now includes all versions in family. * Product Detail - Add Download count for just the current version in admin tab * Product Detail - Add View count for just the current version in admin tab * Product Detail ratings now reflect ratings for all versions of the product. * Launch button no longer changes to Cancel after launching app and returning to the Product Detail page. * Product Transaction Log now shows correct User Name information for the compensated product requests. * Agency field now noted as required on Application Idea submission page. * Edit modal description on Groups page no longer displays HTML code for special characters. * Copy modal on Groups page no longer shows special character HTML code. * New Ratings notification icon now displays consistently on Admin Menu. * Line breaks in emails will be the same for dynamic content in emails * In the Groups page, the login modal is displaying * Updating and editing a draft product will now save with no errors * In emails the classification markings are now correct * Emails will verify correctly and a user will not be allowed to enter in a bad email address * IGAPP Admin now showing correct information on integration tab * Admin page created for viewing product downloads * For IGAPP admin saving a product as a draft will give no errors * For the logon screen, the caps lock indicator will show for the user * Review fields now correctly change from Add Review to Edit Review * Average star ratings now show the correct decimal place on Home, My Library and Product Details pages * Sorting Data Tables in the Group page doesn't throw and error * "Edit" link works for editing users in Access to Products * Inactive Home Groups are no longer displaying on home page * No longer receiving error message in OpenApp or RenewApp when passed a blank signature * Star Ratings are now showing in the featured section of the Home Page ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.8.0 *(November 16, 2016)* The focus of this release is the redesign of the existing compensation structure to simplify the compensation process, and to lay the groundwork for the development of a subscription-based compensation model - Subscription by Device - in an upcoming release. Current compensation models include: * Compensation by Device * Compensation by User * Compensation by Click (currently under development) * Subscription by Device (currently under development) ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Addressed production performance issues, resulting in faster load times. * Improved database transaction log process, preventing potential site crashes. * Compensated Product Request History now includes the number of devices requested by a Device Officer in the table and in the Adjudication pop-up. * Mobile app users now receive a message upon login to visit the website and validate email address, if email address field is blank or not verified. * Mobile app users now receive a message upon login to visit the website and accept terms and conditions (T&C) after the T&C have been reset. * Image Assets, Groups and Dynamic Content pages have been converted from ASPX to MVC. * Service Accounts group created to allow logins associated with service activities to have the T&C acknowledged without user intervention. * AdminActions Log Type created to record when and by whom a reset of T&C occurs. * Revised mobile app download restriction menu options under system settings for greater clarity. * Admin Actions menu removed from Product Details page for Device Officers, reducing redundancy. * Adjusted Information header on the Product Details page for improved user experience. * Added a brief display message to indicate table information has been copied to the clipboard successfully on Admin Dashboard. * Governance Admins now have access to the Admin menu dropdown. * Clarified warning message that occurs when attempting to edit duplicate Agency names. * Usage Detail for managed products no longer times out. * Email verification logic updated to prevent setting email address to verification URL. * Opening product details page as an anonymous user no longer generates an error. * Fixed problem with uploading .ipa files when creating new version of an app. * Governance docs now properly associate with governance roles when a product is imported from a different environment. * Admins can now edit product tags successfully on the Product Edit page. * Added additional authorization so that the Admin menu is not visible to non-admin users. * UpdateAdGroupMembershipCache() method no longer passing sensitive information to Hangfire. * Remove All Filters feature on Groups and Product Deployment Counts pages now clears all search results and returns list to original state. * Product filters now functioning properly on Admin Dashboard. * Install button no longer changes to Request when user logs in to another device. * Piwik ID now displays on Integration tab of Product Detail page for mobile products. * View Product Metrics button on the Product Details page for certain apps no longer generates an application error. * Clicking drilldown on Product Summary page no longer generates an application error. * Lifetime Compensation field now correctly checking the Lifetime Threshold/Limit columns. * Appended app version to the name of the app when using Lookup tool to add product relationships on the Product Edit page. * Fixed source code file upload issue on General Details tab of Product Edit page for new algorithms; no longer permits upload of more than one file. * Changes to Vetting Status on Product Edit page when using Internet Explorer now update correctly. * Group Access Type and Integration Type filters on Products page now return correct data. * View Log pop-up now appears upon button click on Governance Document Review page. * Native accounts are now automatically assigned to Native Local group upon creation. * Fixed problems viewing newly added Home Page Grouping on Access & Authorization tab of the Product Edit page. * New image assets now save correctly after update on the Assets page. * CAC DN lookup now succeeds during authentication and employee ID lookup. * HTML entity code for single quote no longer displays when admin makes comments regarding a user review on the Product Details page. * Products now compensate on download for all compensation models. Products are not compensated via the Piwik data. * Tracking script no longer displayed on Product Details page for BI Analyst user role. * Fixed error generated when user attempts to submit a review for an Idea. Star rating no longer appears on the Product Details page. * Added a column to Compensated Product Request table listing the compensation amount to be applied upon request approval. * Re-added the date column on the Compensated Product Requests page. * Submitted products now display under the My Submissions section of My Library for native users on NGANet. * Attribute values now save correctly when creating Group Auto Assignments. * Email verification process adjusted to handle instances in which no email address has been provided. * Modified count header format on Product Detail page, and star rating tool tip hover on Home and My Library pages for Reviews, to promote consistent user experience. * User phone numbers are now captured when requesting Device Officer role. * Enlarged Terms and Conditions button for improved UI. * Device Officer request section in Update My Profile is now hidden when user has not validated email or accepted T&C. * Added warning message when Subscription Length field on Compensation tab of Admin Product Edit page is not specified for "Subscription by Device" compensation model. * Added Initial/Renewal column to Compensated Product Request History, Compensated Product Requests, and Product Transaction List pages to differentiate between initial and renewal requests. * Added Update Review button to refresh governance doc review associations on Governance Doc Review page. * Notification emails no longer contain HTML element line break, to prevent breaking verification email link. * Admin menu reconfigured to better discriminate actions for compensated products versus managed products. * Action links on the following MVC pages have been updated to allow open in new tab via right click: AD Connectors, Agencies, Assets, Categories, Dynamic Content, Enclaves, Global Messaging, Groups, Home Page Groupings, Missions, Ratings. * Governance Admins now have access to the Product Detail page via the Admin Product Edit page when a product is in Governance Test vetting status. * Government POC information is now required for all roles and includes the blue dot reminder to the user in the Contact Info/Product Team portion of the app submission wizard. * IGAPP Admins now have access to IGAPP products with IGAPP test vetting status and can see Piwik IDs on the Integration tab of the Product Details page. * Users are now able to install products successfully from the mobile storefront, when product was purchased and downloaded before compensation limits were met. * Fixed rounding discrepancy for average ratings displayed in Featured and All sections on Home Page. * User with no groups assigned no longer see Featured apps when logging in. * Home Page product information displays consistently across Featured and All sections. * Legacy product requests now compensate properly upon approval. ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version *(October 26, 2016)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * An iOS product was downloaded and compensated even though it was over its Threshold * The developers identified the web code was not double checking compensation levels on plist and ipa downloads, implementing an over threshold and already bought check to native store downloads in a Web ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version *(October 24, 2016)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Users are now able to upgrade previously purchased products without requesting again. ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version *(October 19, 2016)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Compensation thresholds/limits are now transferred across product versions, correcting compensation calculation issues within the product family. * Install numbers at top of Product Details page and on Compensation tab now show the correct number of compensated installs. ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version *(October 6, 2016)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Compensated Product Request page now accommodates larger numbers of downloads, reducing compensation amount calculation time. * Corrected users being able to install mobile apps configured as 'Total Download By User And Device Officer' that are over threshold. Users now see the 'Request' button as designed when any compensated product is over threshold. ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version *(September 29, 2016)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Idea submission now functions properly for all users. * Fixed duplicate compensation issue for products with the "Total Download by User and Device Officer" compensation type, when non-Device Officer users click "Download" more than once. * Fixed Device Officer compensations occurring only upon initial request; now occur at every request. ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.7.2 *(September 26, 2016)* The focus of this release is to improve IGAPP invoicing by creating a product metrics report that provides data about all individual compensations, as well as a summary of the number and total value of compensations for a selected product and date range. ##### New features include: * Ability to generate a report showing compensation by time period per product. * Existing compensation report is now optimized by incorporating additional columns to display data. * Metrics for all products types are now available in a single, comprehensive report. Android and iOS storefronts have been updated on multiple test environments to ensure more accurate results via shared Bundle IDs, without impacting users who have already installed corresponding products. ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Edits made in New Application Requests section of Admin menu now save correctly. * Users now able to use a carriage return when submitting or editing comments as part of an app review on the Product Details page. * Global Admin now sees a breakdown of downloads/installs made by the Device Officer (DO) and associated compensation amounts on the IGAPP Dashboard. The timing of compensation for DO downloads/installs depends on the type of compensation (ValidatedInstalls vs. DownloadsByUserAndDeviceOfficer). ValidatedInstall products will not be compensated until the product is opened on the device by a user. * Users not assigned to authenticated groups now see a "No Results Found" display message when apps in the Featured section are not accessible to them. * Audit log display now masks passwords from Admin view, to prevent password exposure. * Device Officers are now able to install the Mobile Storefront from a mobile device using Web Storefront. * IGAPP Admins now have the ability to generate a PIWIK ID independent of creating a new product, simplifying metrics collection process for appropriate IGAPP vendor reimbursement. * Admins are now able to filter page results by selecting multiple values for the same filter. * Removed HomePageClassificationTypes setting and filtering from General Details tab under System Settings on the Admin menu. * Removed redundant GetMachineInformation call to populate the machine information section in the My Account menu dropdown. * Standardized API JSON result properties. * Converted Departments and Home Page Groupings pages under the Admin menu from ASPX to MVC. * Eliminated multiple database calls during home page load, improving performance. * Users are now redirected to the Sign In page if Single Sign On is unsuccessful (e.g., no client certificates are present), if the incorrect PKI certificate is chosen, or if the user clicks "Cancel" on the PKI prompt. * Admin menu now displays the number of failed jobs in Hangfire next to the Hangfire Dashboard link. * On Products page under the Admin menu, selected filter values and number on filter tab, as well as Remove All Filters toggle, now persist after clicking links in the Actions column and navigating away from and back to the page. * Opening a product in Admin Product Edit no longer generates an erroneous warning message to update contact info. * Featured product tag now shows as a public tag on the Product Details page. * Product deployment connections and user group access can now be modified on the Product Edit page for a managed desktop product. * Admins can now see user email addresses pending verification by hovering over the tool tip icon next to the username on the Login Management page. * All product information now displayed on the Product Deployment Counts page. * Non-admin user reviews for products with no prior reviews now correctly display Pending Approval status with no star rating. * Tables and graphs now reflect accurate metrics after date range changes on the Admin Dashboard Drilldown. * Minor spelling and UI adjustments to improve user experience. ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version *(September 14, 2016)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Reconfigured Hangfire servers to permit only one per physical server, not per thread, improving speed and performance. * Average product rating number and stars now displaying correctly when updated on Product Details page. * Overall rating on the Android Product Details page now calculated correctly. ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.7.1 *(September 12, 2016)* #### The focus of this release was to: * Provide enhanced identity management enforcement, with more granular control of accounts. Groups can now be customized, allowing selected user and app assignment to those groups. This allows policy enforcement prior to users being active in the App Store, ensuring users can only see/download apps to which they have access. * Global Admins are now able to view each GEOAxIS Attribute Value assigned to all PKI, Disadvantaged and user profiles. * Groups cannot be deleted until all assigned products and/or users are removed. * A new "Group Access Type" filter is now available, allowing selection of an access type along with a group that has access to the product. * Members of a specific group can now be viewed on the Admin User Management page. * All groups to which a user belongs are now listed in the Your Associated Groups section on the Update My Profile page. * All Products legacy group removed to prevent potential conflicts with other more restrictive groups. * Global Admins are now able to assign GEOAxIS attribute values to specific GAS groups using automatic mapping. * Auto group assignment occurs at each login and checks for updated GEOAxIS attributes for PKI or Disadvantaged users, instead of solely at account creation. The Device Officer (DO) is able to request products for devices not connected to the network and need to have the product downloaded directly. New features associated with this role: * Email notifications sent to Admin and DO when the DO clicks the "Request" to remove button on the Update My Profile page. * DO can enter the number of devices they will install the application on when selecting an app from the web storefront. * Admins can view the number of authorized and requested devices held by a DO on the Compensated Product Request page when the Device Officer has requested a product. ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * All Users are presented with new Terms and Conditions (T&C) at logon. A user who does not agree to the T&C will not be able to use the site. * AppAdmins can designate when to receive Active Product Threshold/Limit End Date and Active System Threshold/Limit expiration date email notifications. * Mail relay is now allowed from the App Store to users without an NGA email account, permitting them to complete registration or assume additional roles. * Number of devices requested in the User Management section is now accurate, regardless of the user's role status (approved, pending, etc.). * Users who have not yet accepted the Device Officer terms and have requested products will be able to download only one product and see it in the Product Transaction List after the Admin approves the compensation product. After the user accepts terms, the additional devices are added to the Product Transactions List. * The vendor/manufacturer of each app is now displayed on the app list view. * Pending Approval markup no longer remains after downloading the native storefront for Android. * Admin approval of a compensated product requested by a Device Officer (DO) no longer auto-approves other requests by the same DO. * Message displays when apps in the featured section are not accessible to users who do not belong to Authenticated groups. * Selecting Remove All Filters toggle clears search criteria and returns list to the original state. * Desktop apps can now be uploaded and documents added simultaneously in the Applications Services Governance Board Form section in all browsers. * Better error reporting for unsuccessful app submissions, such as attempting to reuse a bundle ID, and instructions for correcting errors. * Logging in using PKI with a certificate ID that differs from a stored credential but has the same username now successfully creates and saves the new credential. * Entity validation issues no longer occur when creating a new desktop app. * Governance docs can now be deleted during the new app submission process, and from the Product Detail page using "Edit Product Information" button. * Governance docs and tracking scripts are no longer visible to IGAPP Admins on the details page for a Standard product. * Only whole numbers can now be entered in the "How many devices do you manage?" field on the "Request for Device Officer Role" modal located on the Home/User Profile page. ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version *(August 17, 2016)* ##### The focus of this release was to: * Ensure that when users log in using GEOAxIS, they are automatically mapped to specific groups based on their GEOAxIS attributes * Provide advanced logging to better diagnose the source of difficulties when users unable to log in with PKI ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Side loaded apps no longer double compensate with "Total Downloads By User And Device Officer" compensation model * Anonymous user button on the Product Detail page of the native mobile storefront now displays correctly as "Sign in to Download" ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.7.0 *(August 8, 2016)* The focus of this release is to create the role of Device Officer, allowing certain users the permissions to specify a particular number of devices an app can be downloaded to from a single download request. This feature will ensure any side-loaded apps can be tracked for compensation purposes. A user can request to be a Device Officer, which must be approved by a Global Admin. The Device Officer can: * request additional downloads in the case of a download error without adding additional compensations; * request an app for additional devices beyond what has already been requested to account for greater demand; * view the total number of devices requested for each product; * see the definition of the role, along with legal terms of agreement, in order to clearly understand the responsibilities involved; and * request a compensated app where the total number of devices will not exceed the given threshold without acquiring further approvals. Global Admins manage Device Officers and their requests. To do this, Global Admins: * are notified when a user requests to become a Device Officer; * can add a user to the role of Device Officer in the same step as the approval, allowing the user to accept the terms and agreements without additionally having to request the role itself; * have the ability to remove a Device Officer role from a user, and are notified when a removal request is submitted; and * can approve or deny a request if the total number of devices will exceed a given threshold. ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Anonymous users can now request products. * Issues with "undefined" app compensations when hovering over the compensated apps list on the IGAPP Dashboard have been resolved. * Admin comments entered for approvals and rejections are now viewable on the Governance Review log file. ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.6.6 *(June 23, 2016)* The focus of this release is to prepare for the capability of enforcing policy (assigning groups, permissions, etc.) to accounts prior to being active in the App Store. Previous releases required the user to login at least once before more granular access controls could be assigned. This new feature will support the need for foreign partners to access the App Store while only ever being able to see or access specific apps. To implement this new feature, the development team: * Provided the ability for global admins to view each GEOAxIS attribute value assigned to all PKI and disadvantaged credentials. * Added a filter called "Group Access Type" on the Admin Product Listing page, which allows global admins to easily identify which groups can view which products and which groups can request which products. * Created a new filter to the User Management page that allows a global admin to easily identify which users are members of each group. By choosing a single group with this new filter, the page filters to show only members in that group. * Added new section in "My Profile" called "Your Associated Groups". This allows users to see which groups their profile is a member of. ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * The login list page now shows every user, and applies group membership changes appropriately to the database as well as the page display. * A Governance Admin role was created to allow the three stakeholder orgs within the Applications Services Governance Board (ASGB): Legal, Security, and Testing to be allowed to upload, approve, reject, edit, or delete resources such as governance documents associated with current products. * Governance subroles can now be assigned to governance docs by the admin. * BI Analysts can download data from the web API for the purpose of analyzing install/download trends. * Files over 200MB (up to 1000MB) can be uploaded and downloaded by users ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.6.5 *(May 11, 2016)* ##### Summary: * Removal of the AppAOSPDeveloper and AppAOSPVendor roles. Users with these roles will now have the IGAPP Admin role instead. * Removal of the AppActive role. This role was basically the same as an authenticated, non-locked user. * Updated user role names, including: * AppAdmin -> GlobalAdmin * AppLicensingApprover -> LicensingApprover * AppServiceDesk -> ServiceDesk * AppAnalyst -> BIAnalyst * AppProductAdmin -> ProductAdmin * AppLicensingAdmin -> LicensingAdmin * AppAOSPAdmin -> IGAPPAdmin * A new role called Governance Admin allows three stakeholder organizations within the Applications Services Governance Board (ASGB); Legal, Security, and Testing (OGC, OCIO, WG) to be allowed to upload and manage resources such as governance documents associated with products (regardless of current vetting status). * A new role called ManagedAppAdmin supports the MSS team administrators' ability to manage connections and non-compensated managed desktop products. * The following roles received access changes to the Admin Menus: * ProductAdmin * LicenseAdmin * BIAnalyst * LicenseApprover ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * The Legacy Dashboard page was removed from the Admin menu, as it was not being used. * IGAPP Administrators no longer receive an error message when trying to change the status of a product. * The IGAPP Feedback page now loads data without throwing an error. * Governance and Resource tabs on Admin Product Edit page are all modal, so updates or additions to governance docs or resources will no longer redirect to the Admin Resources page. * Added ability for users to add URL-based images to the Product Description field of any product. * Transitioned Admin ADConnectors page from Web Forms to MVC. * Fixed issues with API Help. * Fixed multiple other minor bugs. ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.6.4 *(April 18, 2016)* ##### Summary: The focus of this release is improving the global admin's user experience with respect to compensated products. ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Filters on the Compensated Product List page that allow global admins to see compensated v. non-compensated products, only products that have been downloaded or installed by a non-admin/non-team member, where actual compensation has been made, and to show products downloaded or installed during a particular date range. * A request status filter on the Compensated Product Request page showing "Approved", "Disapproved", "Pending", and "Canceled" requests. * A name change for the Compensated Product List page to Product Transaction List. This new name better reflects that the page shows all product transactions (downloads, launches, installs), and not just compensated products. * A warning indicator on the System Settings page, as well as an email notification, will appear when an active system threshold or limit has an end date that is less than a configurable number of calendar days from expiring. * A warning indicator will appear on the IGAPP Dashboard Compensation by Apps page for each specific App identifying when an active product threshold and/or limit is within a configurable number of calendar days of expiring. * A warning indicator will appear if the global admin attempts to modify the product or lifetime threshold/limit of a product that has pending requests. ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.6.3 *(March 29, 2016)* ##### Summary: The focus of this release is the revamping of the Compensated Product Request page and approval process to better meet customer needs. To accomplish this, the development team: * Created an approval dashboard that displays current compensation information, allowing the admin to quickly see whether a request should be approved; * Developed email notifications that let users know if a request was approved, canceled, or denied. If denied, the admin is required to include a reason, which is reflected in the email; * Developed email notifications for admins to communicate that a request has been made; * Provided admins with a breadcrumb navigation on the Compensated Products Request page consistent with the other admin pages; * Added a manual input 'Product Lifetime Threshold' field (similar to Product Lifetime Limit) to the App Details > Compensation tab that would be checked when determining whether a user should see an install/download/launch or request button; * Created a Compensated Product History Page that allows App Admins to see details about requests not available on the Compensated Product Request Page, such as status (canceled, approved, rejected), justification, date of status change, and who made the status change; * Now allows users to download approved over-threshold compensated products; and * Added information on the Product Detail's page that communicates if a product requires approval. ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * When an admin navigates to the Compensated Product Request page and there are no compensated products to display, there is now a message that communicates no products were found. This is especially relevant on SECNet and NGANet. * Issues with approval button on Compensated Product Request page and My Library requests have been resolved. * API search return values now include created date, last updated date, and download count. ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version *(February 12, 2016)* ##### Summary: The focus of this release is architectural improvements with respect to bundling JavaScript files to allow for more efficient loading of web pages. To accomplish this, the App Store team created: * bundles for all layouts, * feature specific bundles, * page level bundles, and * bundles for CSS. * In addition, JavaScript was extracted from HTML pages. ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * The JavaScript errors on the dashboard, on the home page, and on the admin pages have been corrected. * Issues with filtering and identifying which products should be provisionable on the Product Listing (Admin) page have been resolved. ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version *(February 10, 2016)* ##### Summary: The focus of this release is architectural improvements with respect to replacing the SSL configurations. RSA cyphers will not be supported much longer, making a new configuration necessary. This redesign will resolve the PKI Cert authentication issues encountered when using the App Store with IE and Chrome. To accomplish this, the App Store team: * Setup a new pool in the F5 using port 8443 that passes the client certificate in the header; and * Adjusted the code to support the new header passed certificate and forwarded it to GEOAxIS via RESTful calls. * Additional Details * The following minor improvements and bug fixes are also included in this release. ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * The version logic was modified to show a revision's fourth number when greater than zero. This allows release version numbers out to three decimal places (X.x.x.x) to allow for patches. * All instances of AospFeedback in URLs were replaced with VendorFeedback. * All other instances of AOSP were replaced with either IGAPP or Compensated. ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.6.2 *(December 21, 2015)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Several errors associated with an admin using IE on the high side have been fixed. * Multiple issues on the Admin->User Logins and Permissions Authentication tab were resolved. * The tab is no longer displaying duplicate edit links for each login. * After deleting a credential, you are no longer redirected to the Home page. * When creating a "Request for an Existing Application", the user information fields are now auto-populated. * The IGAPP admin role now has the ability to change vetting statuses for compensated products that are in a current IGAPP status. In addition, the IGAPP admins will now have a "Compensated Products" tab under "My Library", allowing all compensated products in the system to be viewed. * For any credential type (PKI, AD, Native), a valid email address will be required to access the site. This will require all new users to manually verify the email address associated with the account before access is granted. If the email address has not been previously verified, a message similar to the one in the attached screenshot will prompt the user to do so. * The issue encountered when editing a compensation tier on the Product Edit page has been resolved. * The screenshots associated with a product's Details page are now properly sized when viewed, and should not exceed 135 pixels on a side. * API calls were improved, allowing for improved speed of mobile native storefronts while continuing to support backward compatibility. * Admins have several new capabilities when it comes to help text and downloadable templates, including the ability to add, edit, or remove the downloadable templates and help text. These options are available under Admin->Governance Helper. * Minor fixes were made to the search feature. * Non-product admins (especially Submitters, Product Team Members, and IGAPP admins) now have more restrictions when it comes to adding, editing, and removing operational products. * On the Admin Dashboard, a Manufacturer column was added to the IGAPP Compensation tab. * Non-product admins no longer have access to the admin menu, which not only adds requested restrictions, but also resolves the bug associated with looking up a product team member on the old edit form. * Although IGAPP admins now have more restrictions, they can still create a new product by navigating to App Actions -> Submit a New Application, and entering the required information. This was also previously allowed, but recent versions introduced an error in this process. That error is now resolved. * References to AOSP products have been replaced with IGAPP items. ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.6.1 *(November 25, 2015)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Several bugs associated with editing a product have been resolved, and enhancements to the business logic and UI were added. * Problems with product view and downloads counts for mobile products have been corrected. * The login type filter under Admin->User Logins and Permissions was not working in Firefox, but this has been fixed. * Issues with downloading the native iOS App Store GAS App have been resolved. * Products now have valid compensation to include appropriate thresholds. * The blue navigation bar menu items now shift as the screen adjusts in size to reduce the instances when the menu items cause a two-line display. * On the MVC product listing admin page, the integration type filter for "WebService", "WebServiceUser", and "WebServiceMachine" works as expected. * Errors are no longer returned when an apostrophe is in the description of a new app. * When deleting a login on the confirmation page, the username field now contains the actual username, instead of a bunch of unrelated HTML markup. * The magnifying glass feature for the search on the Admin/Approvals page now works. * When API calls are made with a token, the user logged in is the API creator, not a service account. * Error log UI issues have been resolved, including overlapping cells and data. * The Admin -> New Application Requests page now properly shows the entries made when users submit a request. * The Admin -> Manage Services page was showing an error and not loading, but this has been resolved. * The application error that was displaying when trying to update to a new version using the blue "Create New Version" button has been fixed. ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.6.0 *(November 2, 2015)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Add new filter on Home page to display Corporate apps * Enhancements and fixes for Governance Documents on New Item form * Added help text for Governance Documents on New Item form * Enhancements and fixes for Product Team Member search on New Item form * Other enhancements and fixes on New Item form * Enhanced App Store ability to replace PSS functionality * Enhanced status message for unavailable Corporate/managed products * Prevent users from installing Corporate/managed products on unmanaged machines * Fix issues with PKI failing to associate with AD account * Provide same Home page listing of products for all users with same group associations * Add version of web App Store to footer of all pages * Fix issues with responding to ratings * Fix counting problem of views and downloads/installs/launches * Fixed verbiage used for displaying downloads/installs/launches * Fixed timeout errors * Fixed issues with breadcrumbs ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.5.15 *(October 21, 2015)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Fixed bug with search API for parent/child relationships of products. ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.5.14 *(October 19, 2015)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Implemented updated Ecobar. * Addressed potential security risks. * Revised admin product edit page. * Fixed issue for admins when moving login credentials. * Fixed issue with admin deployment count page. * Fixed issue for admins when moving and deleting agencies. * Fixed issue for admins when copying web service connector methods. * Fixed issue when adding new product version not correctly creating route name for detail page. * Fixed issue where users were unable to access product detail page for compensated products. * Fixed issue on product graph modal not closing on metrics dashboard. * Fixed issue where new product version was requirin2g all governance documents. * Fixed issue with resource bringing back full path vs file name on different browsers. * Fixed Product Team Modal problem and sped up Product Team selector. * Fixed counts to just show compensated downloads for compensated products; otherwise use all downloads. * Changed to only allow admins or team members the ability to view details for a product that is not operational. * Updated home page view so all users (admin and non-admin) see the same products. * Enhanced product export to minimize amount of data stored on server. * Ensured that product download and view verbiage is the same on home page and product detail page. * Displayed ids on front end pages for admins. * Added links to APIs from help pages. * Added loginGuid to productRatingExport. * Redirect to Product Detail page after creating new product. * Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements. ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.5.13 *(September 28, 2015)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Enhancements and fixes for managed product deployment counts and 5-1 license reporting. * Enhancements and fixes for compensated product calculations and reporting. * Enhancements to product status and action buttons. * Fixed issues with metrics details page. * Fixed product admin page errors. * Fixed issues with mobile app store searches. * Fixed issues when creating new product versions. * Fixed problems with multiple admin pages. * Adjusted all managed products to ensure isManaged flag is set. * Updates to import / export to include new data elements. * Fixed problem with Developers Corner downloads. * Fixed issue with system process incorrectly merging accounts having same first and last name. * Added support for COE usernames. * Allow logging of product views for anonymous users. * Allow users to upload more than one governance doc of the same sub type and allow multiple governance documents of the same sub-type to display on the Governance tab. * Turn off description keyword searching for admin log view page. * Additional site text renames of AOSP to IGAPP. * Fix Globe problem with circular redirect. * Fixed compensation tab on product detail page. * Fix problem with downloading desktop products. ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.5.0 *(August 3, 2015)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Added Request Existing App form * Auto-generate PIWIK ids for new apps * Remove "Basic" GEOAxIS account * Allow special characters in descriptions for new apps * Bug fixes on Submit New Item form for adding and editing * Bug fixes to login form * Bug fix to Recommend to Friend feature ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.4.7 *(July 13, 2015)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Fixed JavaScript errors on metrics pages ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.4.5 *(July 1, 2015)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Made all object names in API methods in the methods singular and added new methods and new filter parameters. * Changed text from AOSP to IGAPP * Fixed viewing of metrics for app product team members * Various bug fixes ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.4.3 *(June 22, 2015)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Completed GEOAxIS authentication integration * Fixed adding of product team members on the add new item form * Removed the need for entering your email address if you have already logged in with GEOAxIS * Removed duplicate records from the my library page * Changed allow individual authentication tokens and sessions per device authenticating * Changed to use PIWIK for installation metrics on mobile devices and changed metrics to be per device. * Fixed issues with x-png formatted images * Added more documentation for API calls * Fixed the AOSP feedback page * Added configurable help links for GEOAxIS authentication * Added geolocation information to product requests on the website and mobile apps * Allowed for customization of content displayed in 401, 404, and 500 page errors. * Fixed Import/Export issues * JavaScript performance improvements * Allowed product team members to see submitted apps ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.3.2 *(May 15, 2015)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Fixed bugs preventing metrics gathering and implemented minor feature enhancements * Allowed for authentication with GeoAxis on Web and Mobile devices ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.3.0 *(May 08, 2015)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Adjustment to the validation messages on the update my profile page * Adjusted validation on PKI login form * Changed to allow spaces in tags * Added matching of different enclave users by employee id. * Added descriptions to parameters in API calls. * Adds new Application Information Sheet file to production environment. * Adds tracking script tab on product details page for product team members to view * Categories removed from breadcrumb on product page * Prep for the new Ecobar. * Disable submit button on submit item form after submission * Fixed call to show My Submissions to Team Members * Added global messaging support for web and mobile messages * Show authentication token on profile page * Updated AOSP Feedback ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.2.6 *(April 03, 2015)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Add GPOC fields to the "Submit New Item" form * Fixed issues with IE and the "Submit New Item" form * Fixed Developers Corner file download issues * Update to governance documents * Added automatic detection of expiration dates in IPA files ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.2.1 *(March 20, 2015)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Added Developers Corner page that contains resources for app developers to utilize. * Added rich text editors to textareas on the new item submission form. * Added governance document requirements to the new item submission process. * Added search engine optimized urls for product detail links. * Added email validation to the update my profile page.2 * Added verbose error messages to API calls. ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.1.1 *(February 02, 2015)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Simplified the app submission web form by consolidating common elements into smaller screens. * Developers can view metrics for their own apps from the app details page. * Developers can independently submit new versions of their app without requiring admin assistance. The existing version remains intact until the newer version has successfully completed the governance process. The GEOINT App Store Application Programming Interface (API) now includes a call to return the version number for the latest operational instance listed. Click on the "API Documentation" link in the footer for more information. * Established product teams that allow anyone on the team to modify an app. * Added a "Vetting Status History" tab on product details page. Additionally the vetting status is automatically display via the "All My Submissions" tab in the "My Library" section. * Developers can respond to user submitted comments. * Disabled HTML tags in text areas on "Submit New Item" form. This will be re-enabled in an upcoming release using alternative methods. * Developers can submit all the required governance documentation with their initial app submission. This will eliminate the constant back-and-forth emailing between the developer and governance team. ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.1.0 *(January 30, 2015)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Updated the add new product form to use a tabbed, wizard like form * Added ability for admins to assign product team members to a app * Added ability for product team members to edit the details of or add new versions of their products * Added ability for product team members to view metrics of their app * Added a running product notes log for admins * Added AOSP threshold enforcement for downloads and installs * Added ability for admins to respond to product reviews * Added Globe Ecobar support * Added support for '/' in categories and agencies * Added font awesome IE fallback * Fixed home page sorting directions * Fixed the more link on reviews * Added keyword highlighting to the product details page * Minified JS and CSS * Added API support for products to find out their current version available in the store * Converted mission names * Fixed search bar on product details page * Added more details to the product details page * Other bug fixes ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.0.57 *(January 05, 2015)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Changed references from GAS to GEOINT App Store * Added the discoverability of Android apps from iOS devices and iOS apps from Android devices * Other wording and bug fixes ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.0.56 *(December 17, 2014)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * GEOINT App Store Version 2.0 launched ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.0.27 *(September 3, 2014)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Adding Missing script and CSS content * Logic for tables on DashboardIndex * Making styling and positioning changes to the favorites heart in the Products box and on the Products Details page. * Removed the box shadow around the Product boxes and added a very slight gray background, and a slightly darker border. The favorites heart part is part of the Feedback Notes for Testing at ARN. * Updated version number * Fixed app percentage donut. * Removed total reviews from the compListing page * DB script for new table * Wrapped webservice call in try * Fixed bar graph, added in modal * Updated WebServiceAccessor to handle web service user license deployment count. Updated test web service to provide necessary data elements. * Adding adjustedWidth variable to window.resize function to help with filter resizing. * Created new web API method API/getProvisionCountByUser * Fixed a bug when provisioning via web service. Was using the enclave guid of the request instead of the default enclave to determine which web service method to call * Completed ProductUserDeploymentCountCache model partial class with new user deployment methods. * Fixed bug causing mobile storefront app to not open properly when user was not logged in. Added 2.0.27.SQL. * Modified DetermineProductStatus function to check default enclave to ensure products are available via connectors/resources on that enclave. * Added check for null compensations. * Styled the bottom fieldset of the compensation tab, cleaned up code. * Fixed bugs for product family related functions * Compensation clean up of code * Correct bug in GetRootProduct for circular parent reference * Bug fix for compensation validation error and editing a product that had a vetting status of operational * Product.aspx.cs bug fixes related to compensation and category * Fixed bug on resource and when loading resource Add/Edit page * Removing all instances of [GAS] from SQL script since database may not be named GAS * Added missing compensation query to SQL * Added Compensation to product install * General Compensation Bug fixes ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.0.26 *(August 20, 2014)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Fixed a bug with product listing page * Added Enclave to product metrics connectors * Fix to allow compensation information to carry over to a new product when it is copied * Added graphs to dashboard * Modified jQuery on product.aspx to allow for delete rows * When creating a new version, you can now duplicate the current version's resource, screenshots, etc * Fixed a bug when creating resources * Added a weekly report * Added enclaves to ProductCompensations view in database * Resource deleting and edit pages have options to return to product page if you were directed from that page * Can now add group with single quote (') on product admin page * Added HTTP reminder back into UploadApp * Add function to CountsUtility for product download compensation * Fixed a bug when opening App Store for download in mobile browser * Fixed a bug when manually exporting files * Updated ProductEnclaves view to now check resources of products to determine enclave * Updated export to check enclaves of resources and product images * Added compensation to product download ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.0.25 *(August 8, 2014)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * If the user credential is not in cache and not retrieved from database the user session will be abandoned which will cause a login to be required * Cleaned up performance on moving enclave and group pages * Made changes and updates for the admin actions to display properly on the various admin pages and for the admin actions to contain correct links * Added sorting by downloads and change the home page to show launches instead of downloads where relevant * Added the ability to relate companion products together via relationships * Modify initial service start to look for a scheduled NextExecute and use that as next start time * Made letter parameter case sensitive * On UploadApp, in Safari drag and drop is removed * Allowed app product admins to have access to missions * Fixed JavaScript function that was pulling guid from wrong place in rating elements * Added email verification workflow * Added logic for filter counts * Added stored procedure to clean up audit logs * If the current user is null, the recommend to friend tab is hidden * Can sort ratings by date * Added functions for product version hierarchy retrieval * Compensation interface on Product.aspx added * Added multiple resource capability to product admin page * UploadApp header now changes based on editing existing product or creating a new one * Added version to AOSP listing * Fixed problem when dragging image caused resource event to fire and incorrectly upload a resource * Resources for newly created product where not being displayed when form reloaded in edit mode * Fixed JavaScript bug where file upload URL not being set with current guid from previous screen shot * Fixed bugs on settings page * Compensation limits added * Added error handling and creation/validation of zip directory, and special handling for audit logs table ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.0.24 *(July 23, 2014)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Completed Exports for Products * Added Content-Length header - fixes the issue with the Export.aspx page * Fixed insert for ProductImage and GroupProduct * Corrected Enclave matching for ProductInstallDateCache and ProductRequestDB * Added check to bypass SWF files which have been added to the product * Check for NULL agency on initial creation * Refactored logic so that all mobile product downloads are unavailable from non-mobile browsers when Restricted Mobile Download To Storefront Only setting is on * Added Product Views, Requested Installs / Uninstalls to Exports * Added TimeExecuting column to ServiceSetting and the spent executing value is updated at the end of the execution cycle * Created more and less link on modal for long reviews, added styling to date picker, fixed bug with end date datepicker logic * Changed order of jQueryval bundle * Applied check for mobile storefront product details request to display a re-install button if active installdatecache exists for logged in user * Added base Error View method to process an exception and return Error view. Modified HomeController to use Error View in any catch() handler * Created Add method in each Executive-Summary Repository which adds the entity to the database but does not initiate a Save like Insert does. Changed all insert() inside loops to Add and followed loop with a Save * Removed some of the code for the PSS for VMs stuff that is not in GAS * Added check for valid GUID before calling ProductRatingsBreakdown in LaunchModal * Implemented an ExceptionFilterAttribute for processing API unhandled exceptions * Added dynamic content to missing pages * Added file validation to upload files, and tied each upload file to the UploadProduct model * Added feature to test credentials and host connectivity to the Import/Export Push/Pull server configuration in Admin/Settings.aspx * Attempt to fix some issues with \r\n characters in loaded description from import in API calls * Added call to btnSubmit_Click when Add new Push/Pull row is clicked to ensure all page changes are applied * Added fields to export * Adjusted the product admin page to redirect to the new edit URL for a product if you create a new one * Made sure all API controllers inherited from base plus other misc clean-up * Added dropdown box for ratings and made code changes to AssetListponse * Modified UserMetrics_Populate; added Active Enclave check * Modified drag and drop form logic * Updated method to only return products with appropriate vettingstatus types * Changed the Alter Procedure statement to Create * If the user credential is not in cache and not retrieved from the database the user session will be abandoned which will cause a login to be required * Modified the build number to 24 * Cleaned up performance on moving enclave and moving group pages * Made changed and updated for Admin Actions to display properly on the various admin pages and for the Admin Actions to contain the correct links ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.0.23 *(July 18, 2014)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Modified api/search urlscheme parameter for iOS * Created Export Controller and made ExportDefaults method for use by /api/export and AutomatedExport * Updated Classified Types * Fixed duplicated classification enum * Updated GetProductForUser and DetermineProductStatus functions to check All credentials for the given user name * Listing pages are no longer jumpy * Corrected ProductReviews creation of ReviewObject to return create_date and last_update correctly and acknowledge as approved status * User Info API and Review fix * Fix token authentication * Fix premature comment * Styling changes made to _ProductFilters.cshtml. * Updated function to check and report installed status for iOS or Android products * Updated iOS and Android install logic check to simplify process * Added support to get first email out of a list of PKI emails * Set Installed state of UserPush only when Credential is the active Credential. * Changes to Compensation on DB that mismatched current model and code * Changes for email verification process * Updated ConfigurationSetting Value column to not have a size limitation * Added Export for Credential table * Added script to delete PKI credentials where they are the only credential tied to a login * Description is now required on upload form, phone validations is gone on upload form, added data-reviewsrating to sort by ratings on review * Cleanup of login records * Added missing classifications * The classifications note on the product listing pages is hidden * Added a ProductView export * Changed response processing to use xhr.responseText instead of this.response * Fixed product details modal to have the tabs slide up if the screen is wider * Changed to only show your request details button if a desktop product * Fixed styling issues with ProductDetails modal * Modified logic to correctly capture New Credentials created for a PKI login * Removed required field notification on non required fields * Added Import API method to ExportController and updated AutomatedImport to use common core function in ImportExportUtility * Added script to Update Credential Enclave and ADConnector * Modified Reviews Page to show the correct time zone * Fixed missing dated on my library page * Converted classifications to upper * Hid the Undetermined status if not logged in * Changed lastname size to 75 * Modified global error handling * Upload form validation changes * Added new config setting to not LogExceptionsWebServiceColumnNameMappingsMissing * Fixed merging issues * Added support for push processing * Automated import pull processing * Modified logic associated with validation on UploadApp ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.0.22 *(July 7, 2014)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Added unobtrusive validation for MVC generated pages * Fixed Spelling errors * Masked passwords in audit log * Added some exception handling of the object serializer * Added truncation of error messages that are too long on web service calls * Added "Sign in to Request" button and functionality when looking at product as anonymous user * Fix highlight for all browsers * Added logic so screenshot drag and drop does not show up if in IE7/IE8 * Fixed issue with Update Usage Dates service creating AD credentials from GO accounts * Updated code comments * Added additional support for Android 1.0 login * Rating DTO now sets the creator instance when allowed to show the creator of the rating * Added inline SQL generation statements to export * Added SQL script to increase the size of URL storage for resources * Added loading icon for modal windows of metrics * Created a rating status type for the persistent filters * Added some missing page titles * Added missing site map nodes * Added support for platform parameter in API/apps/featured call * Added service method to approve/reject a rating when clicked in modal * Fixed a null user context bug * Added checks to ensure you cannot delete the credential you are currently logged in with * Corrected reviews page to handle reload with #Product to open modal * Added check for hashpass parameters * Fixed a bug causing deployment count sync to only check the default enclave instead of all active enclaves * Added ability to save graphs as images * Adjusted error messages * Fixed HTML issue * Added logging to Update Usage Dates * Changed some AJAX calls to remove the callback function * Fixed ability to upload an app and then change the name but not have to upload a new icon ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.0.21 *(July 1, 2014)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Added compensation to products * Fixed problem with project conflict and UIHelper changes * Added the jRating script to the file and not in the bundle * Fixed a bug with "RemoveDuplicateUsers" * Fixed reviews count setting number of callback JSON Objects * Fixed a bug when opening product details that automatically scrolled up to the top of the page * Modified SQL to only create a category if it does not already exist * Added a check for Launch products that have an entry in the productrequestdb * Removed some logging that was for testing * Modified the request workflow to check the enclave of the request, not the default enclave * Corrected logic for moving parts of login that use the loginGUID in the primary key * Corrected code to check if the ADConnector was active before using it to retrieve the DirectoryEntry * Cleaned up some warnings * Changed to only display the product name on the home page. the modal shows the full name * Fixed a sorting issue * Corrected some issues with IE8 * Cleaned up some CSS and JavaScript errors * Improved speed of home page * Fixed a bug when deleting products with compensations * Created new non-auth search API for iOS which only returns iOS mobile storefront link * Added explicit defining of credential * Changed auth type references * Updated screenshot logic for upload form * Cleaned up items with 0px to 0 for best practices * Fixed rating filter button showing value * Updated email templates to include user guid * Fixed table headers with horizontal scrolling * Fixed bug in star ratings * added ability to pass GeoaxisType as API parameter * Bug fixes with for product ratings breakdown * Fix persistent filter for manufacturer/department and moved sort to be faster ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.0.20 *(June 20, 2014)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Added IE8 fixes to home page * Credentials are now in alphabetical order (first enclave, then username) * Minor adjustments to the name shown in the filter buttons for tag and keyword * Filter sort bug has been fixed * "Latest" sort now works * 'Favorite' changes on home page when 'favorited' in a modal. * Bug fixed with login filter on product listing page * Added web and desktop compensations to listing page * Sped up product details modal slightly * Skips logging undefined webservice method calls unless the 'verbose' logging setting is activated * Added terminology tool tips to the drilldown pages * Language update * Save/load directory entry from cache for AD now only called once per request * ADGroupMembershipCache logs user data as well as machine * Admins can no longer delete their login they are currently logged into the site with * Removed title from rating * Sped up home page * Resolved database transaction issues with desktop executive summary service. ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.0.19 *(June 9, 2014)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Added datatables to the web drilldown page * Added mouse over event to ratings on modal. * Removed extraneous index definitions * Created an overall report for desktop * increased z-index counter for dropdown controls to prevent overlap * updates for fixing IE styling issues * AppAOSPAdminRole created * Fixed issue with blue header bar on top of product details modal * Adjusted filter code to make it usable on multiple pages * Adjusted styling * Fixed padding issue for reviews boxes * Added 'Version' to the services * Fixed a problem with cookies being disabled on client side * Added new versioning functionality that acts similar to the copy function * Keyword search on home page is no longer case sensitive * Fixed object context error when loading product details * Added method for retrieving user metrics data for reporting * FAQs ReleaseNotes and About pages are now MVC instead of aspx pages * Added error handling to services to capture problems easier * Fixed bug that causes products that launched (Web Sites\Web Services) to direct to an invalid URL ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.0.18 *(May 27, 2014)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * DateTimeOffset database change * Fixed object reference error on remedy ticket test * added font awesome icons to service s page * added formatting of the date to include a tooltip of the date * Changed 'IsDate' to 'IsDateTime' * Fixed a problem with "GetCommonName" * Fixed ID column issue with Export * Changed "Restart" of services to run the service immediately * Fixed bug when deleting a product with missions * Update to not allowing adding apps if not configured to do so * Created UserMetrics table * Fixed bug for Null users * Fixed pagination issue * Fixed a "GetStatus" issue * Update to default share template * Added DISTINCT to overcome problems found with duplicate rows. * Mission name validation bug fixes; Also made change on how filter counts were calculated when submission products were visible * Updated API response * Fixes for IE8 * Added missing files into project ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.0.17 *(May 12, 2014)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Fixed audit logs not being plural * adjusted MVC forms to show audit information * Created more CSS classes * Updated attributes to use crlf * Start windows service, but don't execute them until their scheduled run time * Updated license calls to report back unlimited when there is no limit set * Can sort graphs on summary pages of metrics * Success modal no longer appears on unsuccessful attempts * Fixed broken links * Fixed a null reference error * Added check when adding new SCCM product to check if not matched for an uninstall id match * Added type column to ResourceList * Can update resource types ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.0.16 *(April 30, 2014)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Dropped ID from Mission table. * Added service methods and updated script to retrieve link. * More speed corrections. * Fixed a null reference bug * Changed the name field on the upload form. * Added mission filters on home page * Fixed a bug when editing/creating a product * Fixed some broken settings * Added automated import and automated export * Modified import/export tool * Fixed speed issue with filters * Fixed missing metrics controller views * updated SQL export queries * Updated GetProductsForUser to return Missions * Converted application to use productinstalldatecache table instead of the OwnedProduct table for mobile applications ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.0.15 *(April 24, 2014)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Corrected a bug where multiple rows can be returned on SELECT FROM 1 * Added additional parsing check for GO account names * Fixed Metrics drill down page to allow for dates in the URL * Fix for bootstrap resetting * Fixed logic errors with provisionable * Converted add images to be CSS styles * Added styling to missions * Added audit columns on the mission listing page * Added styling to the service listing * Fixed issue with not being able to see choices for the page size drop down * Added global messaging * Sped up the home page ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.0.14 *(April 11, 2014)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Added Missions * Fixed a pending installation bug * Adjusted styling on filter counts * Fixed a problem with the product deployment counts product link. * Added settings for idea push to JIRA * Fixed a bug with the product lookup modal * Added more logging to the workflow * Convert left navigation rating star filters to .png * Added product type to the bundle unique check * Added a 'You must first login to request product' message * Fixed a bug where update to a parent product was failing package version validation * Updated styling on reviews ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.0.13 *(April 4, 2014)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Ratings now have filter counts * Fixed bug with Credential and Login moves * If user is anonymous, the favorites filter is not an option * Fixed a bug with rating stars * Fixed a bug when calculating boundaries on large instances of AD * Fixed an issue with machine name not having the domain * Improved efficiency of determine product status ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version *(March 28, 2014)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Active flag no longer used * Fixed PKI bug with Directory Entries not existing * Fixed null reference bugs * Updated response message * Added lazy loading of images on homepage/my library * Can now use 'enter' button on search box * Fixed Rating Stars issue * Fixed permissions bug when requesting products * Fixed bug when deleting categories ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version *(March 20, 2014)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Fixed error with the setting of the lastlogin date on the wrong login record. * Fixed some documentation warnings. * Fixed error with the linq statement for getting the native storefront. * Fixed logic issue causing products not to show up on the homepage. ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version *(March 19, 2014)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Added Classification Types to Exports * Added support for legacy URL redirection to new MVC urls * Added redirect back to Login.aspx with GUID when an existing account is selected via "Find new User" * Added product listing to category admin page. * Added config setting to restrict downloading of mobile product to mobile browsers * Updated "All Users" group to "Authenticated Users" group * Updated the logic for anonymous user access * Updated styling to look better in IE8 * Updates to PKI authentication logic * Updated General app active on users * Updated API call on the listing page to use a newer API call for provision count that takes into account enclaves * Updated License call on Listing page to include all licenses sum from all enclaves that are returned * Updated the determine status logic to include the active checks on enclaves. * Updated favoriting to allow prevent duplicate HTML Ids on page * Updated controller if no enclave is specified, a sum of all enclaved is returned. * Updated markup and enforced setting for limiting downloading to mobile browsers. * Updated the database insert/update operations to execute from a mode that EF can read the .config to get ConnectionString * Fixed null reference errors on ratings * Fixed a permissions issue when syncing users * Fixed a bug with deleting products with child products * Fixed annoying line break in output message * Removed unused & out dated JavaScript files ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version *(March 13, 2014)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Added styling to Credential & login maintenance pages * Added logic for catching invalid master page prefixes * Added logic in to only display the resource tab for authenticated users * Added check for content paths in PKI Authentication * Fixed error with default values not getting set on product sync * Fixed styling in the audit history modal * Fixed bug with multiple database contexts being created when submitting new products * Fixed some JavaScript name spacing issues * Fixed database trigger used for updating rating statistics * Fixed null reference in filters * Fixed issue with signed in users getting treated like anonymous users when requesting iOS apps from the web store * Fixed home group retrieval * Fixed and clean up the bundling of CSS and JavaScript * Updated Filters to be Container agnostic * Removed more unused code ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.0.9 *(March 09, 2014)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Added setting Always Show Rating Creator setting to allow non-admin users to see rating created when in a development settings. * Added AD Help URL setting and changes to Login page to show that help when configured * Added in for if query parameter checks on Product GUID to make sure they are valid. * Added a maintenance task to clean out extra AD mappings * Added service name to error messages * Added email validation on the register page * Added config setting to allow LYNC integration. * Added phone number validation of upload form * Added API documentation link to admin navigation * Updated the Auto-complete to use API calls instead of web service calls. * Updated how filters are generated over all in order to leverage MVC * Fixed issue with Product Version Multiple Listings * Fixed how filters were displaying product statuses. * Fixed null query string issues on the metric pages. * Fixed a bug causing existing thin client rules to be corrupted on boundary updates. * Fixed exception on int parse of null year string in Product Metrics Controller. * Fixed GO Authentication failure for 'new' user creation * Fixed Model State when PKI redirects user to Login POST operation * Fixed Anonymous push issue. * Fix to prevent multiple unit test users from being created. * Fixed jQuery method called to populate modal from AJAX call. * Fix issue when deactivating filter not showing all the products because some where hidden. * Removed unnecessary checks on product metric type value. * Removed the image sync maintenance task because it is not needed * Removed meaningless "todo" tokens from XML comments and replaced with real comments * Removed the Simple binding attribute from the user validation call. * Remove DN from login for because it is related to credential ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.0.8 *(February 25, 2014)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Updated the logic for validating AD Credentials * Updated the API call for screen shots in the mobile API to store them as an array * Added the function to lock accounts after so many unsuccessful login attempts * Added: Sorting, Paging, Filters to saved cookie name list on sign out. * Added link to GEOInt Online Help when loginType is set to GO * Added logic to capture GO First/LastName and email for update to Login * Added a max-width and max-height to the source icon and the destination icon in Product Migrate. Some icons were so large that it was pushing everything over to the right and causing a left and right scroll. * Fixed log out issue due to clearing of session data * Fixed object reference error when the filter is calculated * Fixed issue with Carousel not having any data because of not having rights to any products in the home Groups * Fixed to UserProfile restructure for new Login * Fixed bug in hiding the DOMAIN when login type is not AD * Fixed the audit function so that the windows username is displayed if no user is logged in (like when services are running) * Fixed some query errors and added filtering back on to the reviews page * Fixed a problem with the Admin listing pages in FireFox. There were two floats in the filters bar from adding the Add green button, that needed to be cleared * Fixed credential save on edit in controller to properly store audit record as the old value was missing ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.0.7 *(February 21, 2014)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Updated the home page to use leverage MVC and the new API calls. * Updated how the bundling of JavaScript and CSS is done * Updated the version of jQuery 1.11 (Docs) and Migrate 1.21(Docs) * Updated the filters to handle special characters * Update the Version 1 API for mobile devices to have categories as a Comma separated list instead of a single item. * Updated processing for CriticalError view to make it completely devoid of any underlying database connectivity so that it can be rendered in the event the database is inaccessible * Added clicking of error GUID if administrator * Added the vetting status to the API calls * Added redirection to new home page from old searches * Added calculated rating column to the product table * Added logic for Vetting Status to be displayed in Filters * Added logic for filters to display Product Status on .aspx pages * Added default link for GAS logo * Added in the logic for creation of AD user accounts when windows authentication is turned on. * Added MVC actions for credential edit, copy, move, delete functions * Added default values for Credential table * Added trigger for Rating table on update * Fixed Modal popup issue on the Carousel * Fixed some logic holes for matching on email address for new account creation * Fixed some ALT text for the header logo * Fixed auto-complete on push page * Fixed some issues on the metrics dashboard * Fixed breadcrumb on home page. * Fixed bug with home page redirect and added auto redirect of old home page * Fixed code for how product submitted from upload form populates it categories. * Fixed issue with "MySubmission" products and how only some products showed up * Fixed some bugs in the configuration files. * Fixed some bugs in Windows Authentication * Fixed bug where no starting time caused a very very very long loop determining the next starting time. * Removed unnecessary call to Authentication.CreateNewUserIfNecessary since it is not ever going to create a new user. * Cleanup of extra columns and removed unused code ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.0.6 *(February 13, 2014)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Home Group Ordering * Updated Error Page and Image generation * Updated the styling on the workflow modal * Updated styling on login management pages * Updated styling on permission Management Pages * Updated styling on the SCCM Connector Admin page * Updated the login form to work without an enclave * Updated logic for the submit app process * Added a credential move page * Added Enclave in the Metrics drill down * Added mobile metrics summary * Added default link for the GAS logo * Fixed bug with mobile and web products not showing up on the listing page with the enclave filter * Fixed bug in the modals for searching * Fixed bug that was causing default permissions not to get added ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.0.5 *(February 11, 2014)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Fixed a redirect loop bug on the sign-up page. * Fixed multiple license sum bug. * Fixed bugs to enforce the differences in request rights and view rights on products. * Fixed bug in password change logic * Fixed unnecessary username, password validation for PKI login * Added a Domain selector to the login screen * Added WYSIWYG editor on product description * Added a linking in a product description to target a new window * Added various services to collect metrics data on products and users * Added dynamic content to the error page. * Adding API calls to help tracking of iOS and android apps. * Added the ability to order home groups. * Added My Submission Tab on the my library * Added new error page * Updated the Product status calculations to take advantage of database stored methods. * Updated styling on administrative pages. * Reworked how Services are installed and uninstalled. * Optimized retrieval of products for home page Carousel * Moved more pages to MVC * Refactored how images are saved to the server. * User can rate products that are not install-able. * Anonymous user cannot rate products * Removed unnecessary reports * Modified the metric desktop listing page front end code to allow for filtering by enclave. ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.0.2 *(January 13, 2014)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Fixed bug in the domain selector * Corrected logic when calculating license sum. * Updated styling on My Library page * Updated styling on Sign In page * Updated logging information * Updates to the metric page * Fixed bug when logging the downloads of iOS apps * Fixed bug with permissions not loading properly when a user logs in. ---------------------------------------------------------------- ### Version 2.0.1 *(January 10, 2014)* ##### Bugs Fixed/Improvements: * Android Product Status - Android Product visibility (to non-Admins) is reliant on the vetting status tied to the product * Idea Product Status - Idea Product visibility (to non-Admins) is reliant on the vetting status tied to the product * Web Site Product Status - Web Site Product visibility (to non-Admins) is reliant on the vetting status tied to the product, and will launch to the site specified to the product. * Stylize error messages on the sign in form - Messages viewed on the sign in page have improved styling * Product Version Sequence Number - Able to show the version of the product, if a newer product is in GAS, user will be able to download it over the pre-existing version * Change Password - Added the ability for a user with a Native Account to change their password * Product Access to View vs Download - UI added that allows an admin to specify what products a user or group may view, or if they may request the product. * Configure Multiple Modes of Authentication - Create a configuration setting where an admin may select which type(s) of Authentication are available on the instance of GAS. * Support Multiple Modes of Authentication - Have GAS support the various modes of authentication that can be selected so users may login using their desired type of authentication; currently AD, Native, and GO are supported * Added configuration setting for Footer Logo Link - A setting which can be edited to direct a user when they click the Logo in the footer of the page. * Added configuration setting for Sign Up Link - A setting which can be edited to direct a user when they click the Sign up Link on the Home page * Added configuration setting for Support Link - A setting which can be edited to direct a user when they click the NGA Support Link in the footer of the GAS. Text is only enabled when there is text in the setting, if left blank, this link will not appear. * Added configuration setting for Help Desk Phone Number - A setting which can be edited to display a phone number for the Help Desk in the footer of the GAS. Text is only enabled when there is text in the setting, if left blank, this link will not appear. * Added configuration setting for Feedback Link - A setting which can be edited to direct a user to a page when they click the NGA Feedback link in the footer of the GAS. Text is only enabled when there is text in the setting, if left blank, this link will not appear. * Add Domain Selection to the Sign in Page - Added a drop down to the UI for signing in to GAS where a user may select the domain they are in ----------------------------------------------------------------
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