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Apple released a new operating system iPadOS that turns iPad devices into behaving more like a desktop.  Currently, the GEOINT App Store supports mobile app downloads through the mobile storefront which requires users to download the GEOINT App Store iOS app from their device's browser before getting access to mobile content.  With the new iPadOS the Safari Browser will not display the banner to that redirect users to download the mobile storefront - "For the Best iOS experience download the mobile app" View

To get access from the new iPad OS, either use Chrome or FireFox as alternative browsers - OR - you can change your settings in Safari from iPad settings to enable mobile browser settings. 

Navigate to GEOINT App Store iOS to Download the mobile storefront  

To Enable Mobile Safari:

  1. Go to Settings and scroll down to "Safari" OR you can search "Safari" in the upper left search box
  2. Under "Settings for Websites" Click "Request Desktop Website" 
  3. Toggle off "All Websites"

Now your browser will recognize that you are mobile and take you to the Mobile Storefront in the header.




The GEOINT App Store hosts GEOINT relevant web services, mobile (Android and iOS), web and desktop apps, for DoD and IC partners, and provides a conduit for submitting general app ideas. DoD/IC programs and employees can submit applications and manage the app listing within the GEOINT App Store, allowing the GEOINT App Store to be the one stop shop for all apps related to GEOINT. Once logged in, the user can download an app, access other GEOINT-enabled websites, and submit an app or idea. The store also allows a user to provide feedback and rate an application or service. The GEOINT App Store is accessible via a web browser or the native Android and iOS apps.
To login to the GEOINT App Store, an account is required that can be derived from existing federal credentials such as Common Access Card (CAC)/Personal Identity Verification (PIV). Account requests can be completed at http://geoaxis.nga.mil. Please note that accounts will only be granted to USG employees, authorized contractors with a USG sponsor; other users will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
Users experiencing issues logging into the GEOINT App Store should go to the GEOAxIS home page. This website allows the user to troubleshoot connections, check password expiration, and reset usernames and passwords. If the problem persists, please contact GEOINT App Store technicians via email to help troubleshoot the problem.

To download a mobile app, the user needs to download the Mobile Storefront onto the specific device used. Directions to download the mobile Storefront are below. Note to Android Users: The default Android browser, Google Chrome, does not recognize the DoD Certificate provided by the browser, so the user must download a secondary browser such as Firefox to be able to download the App Store app directly to the Android device.

  • Log into https://apps.nga.mil on your mobile device with your account
  • Follow the prompt in the top banner to view the native app for your platform
  • Download the Mobile Storefront on to your device
  • Open the Mobile Storefront using the same credentials as before

The user must ensure that the GEOINT Mobile App Storefront appropriate to their device (i.e. iOS or Android) is downloaded and installed on that device.

There is a known issue with the initial iOS9 install if this is the first App you've installed signed by the U.S. Department of Defense. Open the Untrusted Enterprise Developer Message in iOS 9.x .pdf (must be logged in to view) for step-by-step instructions on how to configure your device to trust the developer. This App will fail to load if these steps are not followed.
A user may deem a product a 'favorite' by clicking the heart icon in the product details modal. Clicking the heart will turn the heart from white to red, and the 'My Favorite' Filter and 'All My Favorites' tab on the My Library page will update with the selected product as a favorite. The 'My Library' page keeps a dynamic list of all apps you launched, downloaded, rated or marked as favorites. It also includes any apps you have submitted for hosting in the GEOINT App Store.
This button gives the user information about the request process of the product they have selected. This includes the name of your device or computer (Machine Name) the product was requested from, the dates requested/completed/ last modified, if managerial or licensing approval was applied to the product, current status in the workflow, Remedy ticket number, and more. With this information, the user can track their request.
The carousel holds various products selected by GEOINT App Store administrators to promote specific apps throughout the enterprise. If a new app has gone through the vetting process and is determined to be operational, an administrator may highlight it, in order to differentiate it from other apps in the GEOINT App Store.
If there is an error with the GEOINT App Store or one of the apps, check the 'Requirements' section in the app details page to ensure they have been met. If problems with the app persist, contact the Point of Contact (POC) in the app detail section. If the app developer is unresponsive then contact the GEOINT App Store technicians via the 'Support' link located in the footer on the web page. The user can provide feedback or identify issues pertaining to the GEOINT App Store by using the 'Feedback' link located at the bottom of the page.
Please read the 'Platform' section within App 'Details' carefully to ensure that your system meets the appropriate requirements.
  • Android: - Applications that install and run on the Android platform
  • iOS: - Applications that install and run on the iOS platform
  • Web: Web-based applications designed to run in a web browser. Mobile web apps refer to web apps that were designed to work on mobile devices.
  • Web Service: Geospatial content that can be ingested via standard APIs into a variety of mobile/desktop applications. Web Feature Service (WFS) and Web Map Service (WMS) are examples of web services.
  • Desktop: Apps designed to run on a workstation running Microsoft Windows or some other operating system either as a standalone app or as a plug-in to larger applications.
These feedback methods are all used as ways to improve the app store ecosystem and supporting processes. Feedback is especially critical to app developers and idea providers to refine capabilities ensuring they provide fit-for-purpose functionality. Developers are encouraged to respond to user feedback to provide clarifications or updates as needed. Ratings help guide NGA in maintaining its selection of apps we provide to the GEOINT community ensuring users have a positive experience. The app store utilizes an agile software development process allowing us to implement timely improvements as needed.
The GEOINT App Store currently does not have the capability to remotely manage apps on mobile devices, as is available from commercial app stores. The GEOINT App Store Mobile Storefront provides the ability to locally control installed apps and provide update notifications.
Users only need one account; credentials are the same regardless of how you access the GEOINT App Store. However, pay close attention to the 'Dependencies' under the app 'Details' section when viewing and installing an app; some apps require additional user permissions due to the sensitivity of the content.
NGA's Application Services Governance Board (ASGB) is composed of representation from various NGA Key Components that oversee the GEOINT App Store governance process. This ASGB ensures that the applications NGA deploys into the GEOINT App Store meet all appropriate legal and technical requirements. If you have an app for the GEOINT App Store, please email the GEOINT App Store Team for required documentation and specific process information.
Once logged into the GEOINT App Store, click on the 'New Item' link in the upper-right hand area of the web storefront, then follow the prompts specific to the app's platform. Developers submitting multiple versions of the same app (Android and iOS) are required to repeat the process for each app since NGA treats them as unique apps in the store. Submitting an app from mobile devices or the mobile storefronts has been disabled.

The developer and/or owner of the application are responsible for the maintenance and sustainment of the app, as well as any updated information that is captured in the App 'Details' section. There are no license restrictions on provisioning of Android apps. For iOS apps, GEOINT App Store staff will re-sign the application with the DoD license for deployment purposes. Please use the naming convention below when creating and submitting an app:

* The format for the URL scheme is 'bundle identifier + bundle versions string, short' o Example: ASAM iOS app * Bundle identifier in Plist: mil.nga.giat.asam bundle versions string, short in Plist: 1.1.2 URL scheme: mil.nga.giat.asam+112

Example: if ASAM is updated from 1.1.2 to 1.1.3, then the URL scheme should read: URL scheme: mil.nga.giat.asam+113 All apps have the following 18 fields. Required fields are marked with an asterisk.

  • Version Number*
  • Classification*
  • Agency*
  • Contact Name*
  • Contact Phone*
  • Contact Email*
  • Category*
  • Description*
  • Keywords*
  • App URI (Uniform Resource Indicator)*
  • Intellipedia URI
  • Docs URI
  • Dependencies
  • Icon*
  • Screen Shot #1
  • Screen Shot #2
  • Screen Shot #3
  • Screen Shot #4

Some apps may need additional information due to the types of platform requirements to which they will be deployed:


  • APK Package


  • App binary
  • Vendor tag
  • Desktop subtype


  • IPA
  • URL scheme
  • Bundle ID


NGA and each other; and introduces trending technologies and innovative ideas that may benefit the NGA mission and drive toward the NGA Future State Vision (FSV).

For more information, please contact the GEOINT App Store team at geoint.appstoreteam@nga.mil.

GSM is a vision that pursues transparency about NGA's areas of interest. It cultivates collaboration and provides proof of concept and evaluation of emerging/existing technologies or capabilities, and embraces pursuit options that include more innovative and agile approaches to acquisition. Both programs promote transparency with NGA's areas of interest and provide a conduit for industry and academia to provide innovative solutions to NGA challenges. GSM and IGAPP leverage each other for exposure, idea generation and validation.

Users experiencing issues logging into the GEOINT App Store should go to the GEOAxIS home page. This website allows the user to troubleshoot connections, check password expiration, and reset usernames and passwords. If the problem persists, please contact GEOINT App Store technicians via email to help troubleshoot the problem.
Sorry but we have not written a FAQ for that topic. Please use the feedback link at the bottom of the page.
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By using this IS (which includes any device attached to this IS), you consent to the following conditions:

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- This IS includes security measures (e.g., authentication and access controls) to protect USG interests -- not for your personal benefit or privacy.

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